On the road to Paia or upcountry, I always see a big hill in the distance. I’ve always wondered about it. Yesterday I decided I would try to drive over to it.

It was a winding route, and I ended up passing right by my friend Koryna’s work place, so I stopped to chat. She knew the big hill and told me how to get there.

It turns out, it’s a park. It is called ” The 4th Marine Division Memorial Park ” because there was a huge encampment there during World War 2. Now, it’s a delightful open space with an outstanding playground.

The hill is also there of course. I couldn’t find a big trailhead to go up to the top. There were several small trails. Maybe one of them went to the top, but I didn’t try any of them. Maybe another day…

There were two trail entrances here…
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2 Responses to Hill-Finding

  1. Lauren says:

    Well, now I need to see that playground. If I came to see it, it would be a tax write-off, yes? I’m outta Fear Pills, though, so I’ll have to settle for a picture when you investigate those trails. 🙂

  2. ANN Bergman says:

    If we remember correctly, that hill is also called “Giggle Hill” because the GIs would take local girls up there to cuddle and you could hear their giggles late into the evenings… Ask Peter W. or any other longtime resident about the tale.

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