Fascinating Finds

Happy Easter! He is risen! Alleluia!

I went for a walk at La Perouse Bay yesterday. I found an unusual shell: a sea urchin spine. Cool! I don’t usually pick up shells and bring them home, because if I did, there would be a ginormous pile at my house. This one went in my pocket.

There is a small section of trail there that goes through an old kiawe tree forest. The trees are fantastic! There were a million places to take cool pictures. Here is my favorite:

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5 Responses to Fascinating Finds

  1. Deborah says:

    Happy Easter!

  2. Elaine Royuk says:

    He is Risen indeed! Alleluia!!

  3. Carol says:

    Christus hodie resurrexit est – Hallelujah!

    …and that little bit of forest reminds me of Hansel and Gretel. I can imagine the witch’s house just around the bend there. Neat but slightly scary photo.

  4. Diane Wilson says:

    Hi Brad! You can use that sea urchin spine like chalk! Go ahead and try it on the sidewalk. I used to find those on the beach and give them to kids when doing the children’s program at the hotel. They had a blast drawing pictures on the sidewalk!

  5. Lauren says:

    Happy Easter!

    What a cool treasure!

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