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Switch Switching

My bedside lamp shorted out a little while ago. I had a replacement, but it seemed a shame to throw away the old lamp, so I got a new switch for it.

I’ve never replaced a switch like this, but I figured I could go with my dad’s old method of doing things: put the new one on like the old one was.

It’s actually a pretty simple arrangement. The switch interrupts the “hot” wire. The other wire isn’t even involved.

It worked! Now if I can just figure out how to clean all those glass pieces without just rubbing each one individually. They’ve gotten dusty over time.

The lamp shade is still on the replacement lamp.

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  1. Lauren

    Go, Mr. Electrician! That was good advice your Dad had.

    As for the dusting, I think wearing an inside-out sock like a glove should do the trick. Just grab each strand and slide your hand down. I’m a fan of ‘a little is better than nothing’.

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