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Faucet, Finally

I ordered a new kitchen faucet a long time ago. Huh. I just looked it up. It was only five weeks ago. That was less time than I thought.

Anyway, yesterday I installed it. Woo hoo! I was productive!

I had no major snags during the process. In fact, I think I did a super-good job. It’s really solid and everything is in good order. Yay!

Here’s the before and after:

The new faucet aligns perfectly with the drain. Nice! Also, it doesn’t constantly drip.

The faucet came with the spray-thingy. I never ever use those. In fact, since I’ve moved into this condo, I have never used the spray-thingy even once. But there’s a hole in the sink there, so I put the new spray-thingy in place. And there it will sit unused.


  1. Beth

    You don’t use your spray thingy? Weird.
    I use mine everyday, to rinse the sink, and shoo the inevitable sink crumbs down the drain…

  2. Lauren

    That looks fantastic! How wonderful that you had no snags and it went smoothly.

    My faucet is the spray thingy, so I have a perpetual hole in the sink top. Maybe I should put a vase in it.

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