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Native Nature

I’ve finished the native Hawaiian plant display at school. Unless I decide to dress them up with some rocks or something. But I’ve finished the plantings. Here is the progression in pictures:

I am really pleased with the little engraved labels I got. They look fancy.

It’s the Hawaiian name, the Latin name, and then what kind of native plant it is. There are three categories of “native plant”:

Polynesian Introduced – brought by the first people to settle the islands
Indigenous – not brought here by people, but also grows other places in the world
Endemic – not brought here by people, and does not appear naturally anyplace else in the world except Hawaii

I even got some endangered species! Cool! I will do a little write-up and presentation to my fellow teachers so they can talk about it with their classes if they want to. Even if they don’t, it will be a cool display for kids and parents to see every time they walk past.


  1. Carol

    Very cool! What life sciences teacher would not be grateful for the work you invested in all this?? Impressive, sir.

  2. Kristi

    You’ve got an arboretum started there, sir. Congratulations!

  3. Lauren

    That looks wonderful! What a blessing you are to your school!

  4. Debbie

    Brad. Oh my goodness! That’s just wonderful! And the plant markers!! Wow! Way to go!

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