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Phase Two

I didn’t do much yesterday, so I’ll risk being a little repetitive to talk about the next part of my garden project at school.

I got a few natives to put by the church/preschool entrance. I wanted the preschool teachers to have some native plants right outside their door. There is a big planter by the front door that has some things growing in it. I thought maybe I could just do a few plantings in the corner:

As I was asking around, I’ve been a little surprised to find out that everyone I talk to would like to see a change in that planter. I have been happy to hear that. There is a giant clump of some kind of palm tree that I thought was a little wild looking, and I’ve found out everyone else thinks so too. In fact, Russell is going to help me (actually, I’m helping him) cut down those trees on Wednesday. I could potentially have the entire planter to plant natives! Woo hoo!


  1. Lauren

    See? You keep doing your flora magic at every turn. 😀

  2. Debbie

    How exciting to have a new canvas!

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