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Trying Tea

I drink a lot of milk. One of my co-workers from a couple years ago believed milk to be an unhealthy or even harmful drink. I always thought it was a healthy choice. I did some internet searching to see if I could get some answers.

It was interesting reading. I didn’t come to any strong conclusions. Vegans and animal rights people say it’s really bad you. Dairy farmers say it’s really good for you. The truth is probably somewhere in between – it’s not as bad as drinking soda, but not as good as drinking water.

It’s not calorie-free, so if I could cut some of it out of my diet, that would probably be good. I do like iced tea. I’ve been making it since I got back from Nebraska. I even have a nice new pitcher for it.

But I didn’t get caffeine-free tea. I think that might be a problem…


  1. Lauren

    I wish I drank tea more. It’s pretty good, but I forget about making it. It’s a drink that – to me – is fine when it’s watered down, so letting it sit in ice for a long time is not bad. (Not like pop.)

    Your pitcher is an inspiration!

  2. Debbie

    Ooo yes, by decaffeinated bags. Mark is a tea drinker so i make it regularly. I use the “mr coffee” tea maker. No it’s not called mr. Tea? Some people probably wonder why their coffee is always cold?

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