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Bird Bath

Happy Birthday to my niece Rachel! Yay!

I’ve been doing a little re-arranging on my lanai. One of the things I did was get rid of my lotus. It was looking rough. Plus, it only opened its blooms during the day while I was gone. Two strikes! Out!

I did like that the birds came to drink the water though, so I decided to put a container out there for them. I found a nice sized saucer-type thing. I decided I’d get an aquatic plant from the aquarium store to help keep the water from stagnating.

I’ve seen birds try to take baths in the lotus water, but it was always too deep. I decided to try to hardscape the water dish to make some shallow areas for birds to use. We’ll see if they actually use it, or if they just keep gripping the edge of the container for their drinks.

I think this is not its final form, but it’ll do for now…

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  1. Lauren

    You know what would make a great accent for that water feature? A dagger.

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