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I led chapel yesterday, and I got to do something for a demonstration that I’ve never done before… I dropped Mentos into Diet Coke! Woo!

I talked about having strong feelings and not bottling them up, but taking them to God. “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you” The kids could totally tell what was coming, so the anticipation was fun.

HERE is the text of the message.

After we do chapel, the teachers have their class write the “main idea” on index cards. I always choose my favorite to post on the wall next to my desk. I chose this one for the delightfully cute misspelling:

I was very intentional never to say “bad feelings” in my message. Anger is not bad – neither is sadness or concern. Everybody feels those feelings. I was really pleased to see that very few kids used those words when they wrote their cards.

As an added bonus, I had Mentos left over, so I could offer them to the seventh and eighth graders during class, and say: “Would you like to have a strong feeling of anger or anxiety or sadness?” Ha! I was cracking myself up!

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  1. Carol

    Epic, Brad…absolutely epic. I still miss your chapel lessons. Sigh.

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