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A Little Work

I had planned to do work at school yesterday. I went there right after exercising, so it was pretty early. I organized some papers and cleaned my desk a little, then fell asleep. Heh.

After puttering around a little more, I headed out to get the last components I needed to get the external speaker working for my classroom projector. While I was out, I stopped at the aquarium store and saw some jungle vallisneria. I was excited about that, because I’ve been wanting some taller plants in my classroom aquarium, and this fit the bill perfectly.

When I went back to my classroom, I didn’t get the speaker set up, but I did get the aquarium cleaned and the new plants in. Here are the before and after pics:

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  1. Lauren

    Beautiful! The plants really enhance it an make it jungle-y (if you can say that about underwater environments). I’d say that’s a pretty productive vacation day. 🙂

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