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Boxed Books

I ordered some books for school, and they came in such a way that there was no wasted space or frivolous packaging. There were two different kinds of books, and they filled the box exactly. I ordered different amounts of each, and they were almost the same height, again filling the box exactly.

It was so interesting, I had to take a picture. But now looking at the picture and re-reading what I’ve written, maybe this isn’t as amazing as I thought. Maybe it’s simply curious. Reddit has a whole section called “Mildly Interesting”. Maybe that’s more like it…


  1. Lauren

    Personally, I love that!!! It is one of the reasons I’ve slowed down in ordering from Amazon – the giant box to ship a small thing, then filled with inflated plastic? No thanks. Give me the people who packaged your books! They should be in charge of everything. 😀

  2. Peggy

    I love the Graveyard Book! You recommended that to me years ago. I wonder if the library has it…..this is the perfect time of year to reread it.
    (Is the author someone you know….someone you went to school with?)

    • Brad

      I love reading it every year with my class, and I always schedule it for October 😉

      I do not know Neil Gaiman personally. I think he would be a fun friend though. Neil Gaiman, if you ever read this and are visiting Maui, let’s have lunch! 🙂

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