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Decoration Day

I put up my Christmas decorations! Yay!

There are only a couple of things I do – I hang some icicle lights outside, and I put up a tiny tree.

The tree is easy, because I just put it away fully decorated. I did have to clean off the counter top though:

The icicle lights are easy too, because there are permanent nails I just hang them from. But they weren’t easy this year, because my shelving outside had gotten messy, and leaves and dirt had gathered underneath, making access to the plug difficult. So I cleaned up and re-arranged my shelves first:

Then I hung the lights:

The wires are white so they look snow-like. The lights are blue because I just like that color.


  1. Lauren

    Yay! I am all in favor of easy festiveness, and those look just perfect!

    I plugged in my tree this week and it will stay plugged in until March. The tree that Beth gave us for the shed last year is in the entry window so that passers-by can see a bit of holiday cheer. Good enough.

  2. Elaine Royuk

    Ahhhhh yes!

  3. Carol

    Growing up we used all blue lights at Christmas as well. There was some debate over whether this was at Mom’s request or Dad’s but I know it was NOT mine – I thought all that blue either made our home look Jewish or somewhat like a funeral parlor (no idea why I thought that). Regardless, if you enjoy them that’s all that counts. And you’re done now. We’ve barely put away fall/Thanksgiving decor.

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