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Loving Lessons

Yesterday was a grading day, as usual. But not as usual, the grading didn’t take much time at all, because last week was a short week. Yay!

I stayed at school after grading, and did some lesson planning and other assorted paperwork and computer work. I really enjoy writing lessons. I’ve invented and adapted a lot of stuff for Religion and Language Arts, and have whole curriculums now. It’s nice to be older – I’ve had a lot of years to develop this stuff.

I got home with plenty of daylight to spare. I spent a little time out on my lanai. It’s cooler these days – only getting into the seventies during the day. Nice!

My hibiscus plants are blooming. Both are orange. One of them is solid orange with big flowers. The other one looks like this:

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  1. Lauren

    Orange and pink! Now that’s a gorgeous blossom!

    You really do have a lot of knowledge assembled, Brad. I don’t know anything about Teachers Pay Teachers, but it seems like a way for you to share it with the world and get a little flower money?

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