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A New Treat

Happy Birthday to Lauren! Yay! Her comment doesn’t acknowledge this birthday greeting because I forgot to write it. Boooo… I’m blaming the weird placement of Christmas this year and the fact that today is our last day of school before break.

I have to write about my Secret Santa experience again because I got a treat yesterday that blew my socks off. It was three donut-looking things in an unmarked plastic box:

They were like donuts, but chewy. Sweet dough, sweet toppings. My favorite was the strawberry frosted. Yum!

I showed the picture around and found out they are poi mochi donuts. Mochi is a delicious confection made from rice flour. Poi is made from taro root. It’s what gives the dough its purple color. I have heard of these, but never tried them. Now I think I will be trying them a lot!

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  1. Lauren

    How fascinating! A chewy dough, yet cooked? That is a super-cool gift! Do you suspect who your Secret Santa might be?

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