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Grocery Snapshot

Lauren was saying that she read a thing that said to take pictures or videos of your everyday life at home. Then later, you can look back on it and remember what things were like.

In keeping with that idea, I decided to lay out all my groceries from my weekly shopping trip. Every once in a while, things drop off of my list, or get added, so this may look different some time later in my life. For now, I present, my food for one week. (Actually, I have other food at home already, so this isn’t the only thing I’ll be eating for the next week.) Also for the archive, this cost $116

As requested, here is the list of prices (approximate amounts, for the sake of speed)
2 packs beef jerky $19
peanuts $5
2 packs flax $10 (which I just noticed are missing from the picture)
saltines $5
dozen eggs $4
2 gallons milk $13
4 frozen dinners $20
butter $7
rice pudding $5
Asian pears $7
artichoke $6
Parmesan cheese $11
tax $4


  1. Brady Gurganious

    Would you be able / willing to detail the cost as to how it arrived at $116? I know it is Hawaii, but I am struggling to find that amount in those items. No worries if not.

    • Brad

      Post updated with a price list. It’s a little embarrassing to admit how much I’m spending on certain food items, but the way I eat, most of these things are a meal. I had the artichoke for dinner last night. Six dollars is a lot for an artichoke, but it’s not that bad for a whole dinner.

      • Brady Gurganious

        Thanks. Zero judgement on the food items. This is very helpful though to better understand cost of items in Hawaii.

  2. Lauren

    You did it! I love this, and how fascinating this is.

    I am with Brady – that is a crazy high cost. You guys need an Aldi.

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