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Church and Groceries

I did the message in church yesterday. It was three-service day again. It was tiring. I’m glad today is a day off from school. HERE is the message.

After the second service, I didn’t hang around at school very long. I intend to get my weekend schoolwork done today. I did go shopping though. The total this week was $92. Here’s what I got:

Candy bar (for the drive home. I was hungry) $1.50
Coffee $5
3 packs beef jerky $20
Peanuts $3.50
Chocolate syrup $5
2 Milks #13.50
6 frozen dinners $27
5 green peppers $9.50
5 bananas $3
tax $4


  1. Lauren

    I love these food updates – they are fascinating! Five green peppers? You are just going to eat those as they are, aren’t you? I should buy more vegetables…..

    I woke up late today and am running behind, but I’m looking forward to reading your message later. Thank you!

    • Brad

      I take the peppers to school. I like to tear them open with my bare hands and rip out the seeds and pith. Then I just bite it.

      • Lauren

        Like Godzilla. I believe that’s called ‘rending’.

  2. Kristi

    We’ve been buying a lot more peppers. They’re so easy to cut and then munch. AND it’s a lot healthier than chips.

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