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Suit Sunday

I wore a suit to church yesterday. My only suit has been staying in Nebraska for when I visit there, but I got a new one about a week ago, and I wore it yesterday.

When I got home from church, I started thinking that if I only have one suit, it will get tired-looking pretty quickly if I wear it Sunday after Sunday. So I went on an old-fashioned Quest for another suit.

The suit I already had is grey, so I went looking for a blue one. I went to three Kohlses, two Nordstrom Rackses, a Macy’s, Burlington, and Off 5th. I was unsuccessful. Darn. And YAY! I get to keep looking. How fun! Not only is this entertaining, I’m learning the area a little better by driving all over. Nice!


  1. Lauren

    I agree – it’s almost as much fun to not find something. Your Quest continues! 😀

  2. Beth

    You’re living somewhere that in one afternoon you can get to three Kohlses, two Nordstrom Rackses, a Macy’s, Burlington, and Off 5th…
    I need more shopping options in my life…

  3. Kristi

    My Josiah would LOVE to go suit shopping with you He wears either his vest or suit coat each Sunday, along with his fedora.

    • Brad

      A fedora? That’s awesome! I love fedoras. Josiah is my kind of people.

  4. Debbie

    How fun for you to shop and yes, you must have several suits! Why not? I have more than two dresses? hehe I’m with Beth, YOU GOT TO ALL THOSE PLACES IN ONE AFTERNOON!!! dang

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