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Car Conundrum

A little while back, I posed the question: “What do you NOT know anything about?” I’m starting to feel like I know nothing about buying a car.

I need a car. I want another Toyota Tacoma. I want one that is fairly new so I don’t have to worry about constant repairs. I can pay with cash, because I have a lot of money. It should be easy. Instead, I find myself paralyzed with indecision. What if I make a mistake? What if I pay too much?

I’m thinking maybe I just need to make the leap and buy something and not look back. But it’s scary. It’s a lot of money. Ugh.


  1. Lauren

    Yeah. No help here. I’d say to just do it, but what do I know? Everything is so expensive, and also uncertain. We need a good Magic 8 Ball here……

  2. Debbie

    If you break it down, all of life is some sort of gamble, a shot at a chance that has no guarantee. Sometimes you just have to just GET IT and move forward with whatever will happen next. Think of it as exciting and a NEW adventure. You have to do something so might as well start! Get what you want so it’s reliable and pick a nice color! 😉 It’s your other “home” and what you spend time in so why not love it and be happy to drive around in your new home town! There, better? DO IT! GET A NEW CAR!! You deserve it!!!!

  3. Carol

    Hoping I am not too late to throw my thoughts into the “what to do for wheels” discussion, here I go:

    Last summer we decided to lease for the first time. Leasing had been recommended by more than one individual in our “age group”, so we leaped right in. Granted, the monthly payments are a tad higher than we’d hoped for (had to get a ‘premium’ model when basic would have been fine…microchip shortage and all, we couldn’t be choosy at the time), but so far we’ve put less than forty dollars into maintenance (oil change and tire rotation) – that’s is for over 12 months’ and under 10k miles. In the long run, it seems smart – in two more years, we can get another brand new car and still have no worries about other repairs along the way. So far, I’d recommend that approach. Blessings n whatever you decide.

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