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Suit Shopping

After going to school, I didn’t want to just go home, because I have been sitting on the couch a LOT. I wanted to do something that involved walking, so I went to a mall.

When I arrived, I saw there was a Burlington Coat Factory, so I entered there. It was a weird entrance, a featureless small hallway that led to steps. It was creepy.

The store itself was weird, because it was underground. No windows or skylights, only dingy fluorescent lighting.

But then I found a suit! Yay! It was only $100. Incredible.

But darn. Now what’ll I look for?


  1. Lauren

    THAT was the entrance? No wonder it was all so cheap! That is frightening!

    Great score on the suit, though! Would you go back and just buy some clothes for me? I need pants and shirts and I absolutely hate clothes shopping.

  2. Debbie

    Reminds me of the old downtown millers entrance under ground when you had to walk under the street….did you ever do that? Anyway, you always find good stuff when you’re not looking. That’s the “present” to yourself about it! Yay suit! Get another one! Like I said…..I have more than one dress…..

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