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Quick Entertainment

While riding in the car yesterday, I saw something at a red light that I don’t believe I’ve seen before: people performing, then asking for money. It was a couple of guys in clown outfits juggling. They did a quick show, then started walking past all the cars.

I didn’t give them any money, but it sure was interesting.


  1. Lauren

    Huh – is that the same as busking? So bold!

  2. Debbie

    I’ve been working on peeling off a name tag that I stuck on my console while waiting at a red light…..jugglers would be better. Back to the name tag…..you know how you just do stuff like that but then my coffee decided to juggle one day so then it got all wet and really was stuck on….then the summer heat has come and it’s become one with the car. Isn’t always good to have a goal, no matter the importance?

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