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Slow and Steady

I finished unpacking my boxes into my classroom. I’m not finished-finished with everything yet, but things are mostly where they’re going to be this year. Here’s a before and after:

I think my desk will look a little different, and I’m missing one more piece of art for my wall that my student Rya painted for me.

I also got my aquarium up and running yesterday. It will be a while before I can put fish in it. I will be sprinkling some fish food in it each day. The food will rot and produce nitrates. Good bacteria will colonize the tank to consume the nitrates, and then it’ll be ready for fish.


  1. Lauren

    Ahhhhh…. It looks like your home now.

    That is fascinating about the fish tank. Is that something that they tell you when you get a new tank or do people just put fish in a new tank and wonder why they’re not doing well?

    • Brad

      Any good aquarium store person would tell people about the bacteria cycle and how it should be set up before adding fish. Many people don’t know to ask though. A lot of aquarium fish are really tough, and can survive the poisonous water from before the good bacteria is established.

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