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A Friend and A Find

I regularly see a neighbor leave the same time as I do. They’re in the house right next to mine. They are often sitting in their running car in the morning when I get into my truck. Or maybe they’ve started their car to let the heater warm up a little? Yesterday, they pulled out right before I did:

Yesterday at school was a professional development day. It was a webinar-style presentation. The presenter was engaging and interesting. She talked about how stress interferes with learning. She said a lot of thought-provoking stuff, but my favorite thing was when she was talking about “states” of emotion, and how kids can shift states. She gave me a new thing to say to kids who say: “I don’t get it”

I love it! Kids often say they don’t get it when they’re in math class. I will just have them say it again, but add the word “yet”. A simple adjustment, but one I think will help 🙂


  1. Lauren

    That ‘yet’ is a good thing!

    That neighbor is probably another teacher, sitting in their car and gearing up to face the day. 😉

  2. Carol

    Mayhaps we’ve had the same instructor for something in my past, as the “I don’t get it…yet” phrase is one I heard not too many PDs ago and I embraced it myself. It seems encouraging to think that as confusing as something may be in the present, in the future it will become crystal. Hmmm…that seems theological somehow as well…

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