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Kitten Day Approaches

I heard from the cat breeder yesterday. The kitten will be healed from his neuter and ready to go home on June 4. Woo hoo!

My only concern is that school won’t be done yet. I had imagined I would spend a few solid days with him when he first came home. Maybe I’ll take a personal day on June 5? I never do that. It would be weird. But a whole day with kitten? That would be awesome!

I’m flying to Nebraska today for my niece Anna’s wedding. It’s going to be a super quick trip… in today, out tomorrow.

United #1457
Depart LA 5am
Arrive Denver 8:23am

United #4248
Depart Denver 9:40am
Arrive Lincoln 12:03pm

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  1. Lauren

    Yay!!!!! I am reading this late, but that’s so exciting!!!!

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