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Church and Congratulations

Church yesterday morning was nice. The people in the congregation here are enthusiastic singers. I was especially excited to see they were doing the common cup at communion. It was my first common cup since before covid!

After church I napped, then headed to Tara’s Nebraska graduation party. It was a beautiful day for a party, and they did a great job of setting it up.

They have peonies in their yard. They were so beautiful!

Beth has bees. They were super fun to watch. Because it was humid, the bees did something called “bearding”, where they clear out the hive a little so that more air can circulate.

There was a balloon arch. I took a few pictures there. I was glad Tim had some clothes that I could wear so that I didn’t have to be in a suit. I didn’t have any other shoes though, so I just wore my dress shoes. We laughed a lot about them.

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  1. Lauren

    Awwww….. just perfect! I am so glad that Tim had clothes that would work. We really just need to keep more of your stuff here so that you can just fly out with a book and a smile.

    It was a fabulous party – so many people were there! Your family certainly had their fair share of celebrations this weekend. Now here’s to safe travels and a good week for you. 🙂

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