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Yesterday, ice cream sounded good, so I went to a place I drive by all the time called Busters. There were multiple things I wanted to try: a blend of orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream called dreamsicle, a strawberry shortcake sundae thing, a butterscotch sundae, a blenderized shake with Nestle crunch in it (this used to be my favorite Blizzard flavor before Dairy Queen discontinued it). But when I had started thinking about ice cream, I was thinking hot fudge brownie sundae. And that’s what I got:

Mmm… it was good. I didn’t end up eating the whole thing, because I was feeling guilty about it, but before that guilt set in, I really enjoyed it.

My other indulgence was from Saturday. I got another plant. I’m afraid my collection of potted plants is getting out of control. They make me so happy though. So… happy…

I got a schefflera plant with triangular leaves. Triangular leaves! It’s called “schefflera triangularis”. The internet has info about it of course, but not much, compared to other kinds of houseplants. I find that to be incredibly exciting, because that means it’s kind of uncommon.

I haven’t decided where to put it. It will grow kind of big. In nature, scheffleras are trees. Many houseplants survive the winter outside here, so it could just be in a pot by my front door or something. I love it!


  1. Lauren

    Don’t think of it as a plant indulgence – With all the new construction going up that is tearing out much-needed vegetation, you are helping to replenish our oxygen makers. You’re doing a service for humanity, for crying’ out loud. Thank you on behalf of all breathers.

    The ice cream? That’s just a tasty treat – also needed once in a while. 😀

  2. Carol

    Your plant therapy seems quite effective – keep it up, regardless how many you collect, as some can go outdoors now as well. Of course, that would mean that you can’t take any more calls to, say, Minnesota or New England… 😉

    As for guilt eating a brownie ice cream sundae, I’d say a few simple, gentle self-flagellations would have allowed you to finish eating that, my friend. Such a waste otherwise, nicht wahr?

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