Tomato Trial

One of my standard purchases at the grocery store is little tomatoes. There’s a particular brand I’ve been getting which has consistently been good. I don’t know how they do it.

Last week, I finally got a batch that had bad tomatoes in it. I was biting into enough bad ones, that I stopped eating any from that container.

I think the secret is to look at the stem spots. If they’re dark, I think that means ‘bad’.

Hopefully I’m right. I bought a new container for this week.

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  1. Lauren says:

    When I buy tomatoes, that’s my brand, too. It’s so handy just having tomatoes any time. I don’t know how to buy good produce, but I do smell the container to see if there is a hint of tomato smell so they’re sort of ripe.

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Climbing Cat

Yesterday was kind of a lazy day. I did clean a little at home, and I did my grocery shopping, but other than that, not much.

On my way out to the grocery store, I saw a cat I don’t think I’ve seen before:

Ha! I thought it was so funny that it was on the pergola! I’ll be looking for it now. I’m curious to see if I’ll catch it up there again…

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Refrigerator Swap

After school yesterday, I helped move some refrigerators. Andrea bought a new one, and her old refrigerator was better than the one that’s been in the fifth grade room.

So Josh and I went to Andrea’s got her old one, put it in the fifth grade room, and put the fifth grade room refrigerator on the street.

Hopefully someone will come to take it. It works, but it is noisy.

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Becoming a Number

I have some strong philosophical objections to the security at airports. I think it’s just a lot of theater for the illusion of safety and all it does is cause a lot of inconvenience and delay.

To add insult to injury, they now offer a way to bypass that inconvenience and delay if you pay. That’s extortion, plain and simple.

In spite of these strong feelings, yesterday I went to a precheck place and paid my fee. In two to three weeks, I’ll have a number that lets me go to the short security line that lets me keep my shoes on. I caved. I feel dirty.

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Cover Cleaning

Yesterday was Wednesday, which means it was a Faculty Meeting Day. On Wednesdays we get out at 1:30 so our meetings can happen and won’t keep us at school until 6pm, which I am very grateful for.

But yesterday, our meeting was canceled. Woo hoo! So much time in the evening! I went home earlier than usual, which gave me time to think about doing something besides just laying on the couch.

I did laundry! There were blankets all over my house that had served as beds for Gus. Yesterday I collected them up and washed them. My dryer is kind of small, so some of the blankets didn’t dry completely. I hung them up so they could finish drying before going back into storage.

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