Quarantine Beard

It’s been a long time since I grew a beard. Since I’ve been holed up in my place with no reason to go in public, I decided to stop shaving.

It’s been two weeks. School starts up again tomorrow, and the beard was unbearably itchy, so I shaved it off.

This is as long as it got:

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  1. Lauren says:

    It was a good-looking beard. R.I.P., facial hair. Hello, Mr. Royuk!

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Classroom Visit

Yesterday was the day kids came to school to get the stuff they needed to do classes at home. I went to school early to get the room ready.

It was so good to see them, even if I was shouting across the room to them so I could keep social distance protocols.

while I was at school, I checked on the trees I planted behind my classroom. They’re looking good, but I had to cut the grass and weeds around them. One of them is in the red circle below.

One of the most vigorous plants in that tangle is lilikoi vines – that is, passion fruit vines. I cut several of them back. It’s currently the flowering season. Their flowers are amazing, and the reason they have the name “passion”. There is much symbolism of Christ’s passion in them:

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Distracting Depictions

One of my coping mechanisms during this whole quarantine process is to send funny memes to friends and family. My phone has been filling up with them, so I thought I’d include some in my memory archive:

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Outside Experiences

I’ve been pretty good at keeping my quarantine. I do step outside every once in a while. Mostly, I just go out onto my lanai.

I’ve posted about it before, but there’s a cat that climbs onto the trellis next door. Last time, I was on the ground when I saw it. This time, I was on my lanai.

My other excursions outside are just to the parking lot, either to check my mail, or to throw trash in the dumpster. Yesterday when I walked past the dumpster, I saw that someone had rigged it so you wouldn’t have to touch it, and could keep the corona virus off your fingers. Clever!

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Home Work

There’s a horrible bug on your shoulder! April Fools! Hahaha!

Yesterday was my first independent work day at home. I’m supposed to be getting ready for online school to start this coming Monday.

I actually worked! Woo hoo! I so often have focus problems, but yesterday…. well, I still had focus problems. I kept switching from job to job. But I was working. Good job, Brad!

I work at this table by my kitchen. There’s something uncomfortable about the chair or the table height or something. I’ll try to get it figured out. I’ll be sitting in this spot a lot in the coming days.

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