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Cold Cuts

When I had dinner at Josh’s house, he gave me some leftover steak. I’m not usually a fan of leftovers, but my mom and sister introduced me to thinly cut cold steak. Yum! Josh cut it before he sent it … Continue reading

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Swallowing Supplements

Happy Birthday to my niece Rachel! Yay! I have given up drinking my vitamins in morning because I no longer have Carnation breakfast drink. I have been thinking that I should take a multi-vitamin instead. I’ve even gotten as close … Continue reading

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Happy Hibiscus

I had a lazy morning yesterday. As I sat on the couch, I saw that the hibiscus had a flower ready to open. I have always wanted to do a time lapse one one of those. I strapped my phone … Continue reading

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Smiley Stella

Josh and his family had me over for dinner last night as a thank-you for dog sitting. Josh made steak. It was delicious! So were the sides! Mmmm…. I ate until I was stuffed. Stella was COMPLETELY different. She was … Continue reading

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Sitting Stella

My co-worker Josh’s birthday was Friday, and so was his son’s, so the whole family went to the West Side to stay at a resort. Josh’s son’s dog Stella needed babysitting over the weekend, and a Josh asked me. Stella … Continue reading

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