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Dry Speckles

Yesterday one of my dry-erase markers was dried out. The cap was sitting loosely on it, so I think maybe someone dropped it on the cap. When that happens, the cap can sometimes crack and dry the marker out. A … Continue reading

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I have often posted pictures of sunsets, but yesterday morning while I was at my trainer’s, there was a glorious sunRISE. The clouds looked like a ceiling on the sky, and the sun was lighting it up with such color! … Continue reading

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A while back, I put some coleus cuttings in a vase on my table. They have survived! Not only do they still look good, but they have grown roots. Cool! I think maybe I’ll put them in a pot and … Continue reading

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Punctuation Play

It was an okay day at school. Not much happened. So here’s a funny comic I saw online, and printed out to hang on my classroom wall: Ha! It’s a Language Arts joke! Perfect!

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Seeking Soft

Last time I was in Target, I looked at the toothbrushes. I always have trouble finding what I like, because I like SOFT bristle brushes… like, super soft. It’s supposed to be better for your tooth enamel. I think I … Continue reading

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