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Max and Ned and Gus

Cute Cat

My co-worker Chloe got a kitten! She loves cats. She was one of Gus’ babysitters this past summer. She has wanted a cat of her own, wasn’t sure if she could get one. She just recently got married and they’re … Continue reading

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Cat Chat

My downstairs neighbor said he’s been feeding a grey cat. I think it was the one who came to my front door. I had the main door open, but the screed door closed. The cat meowed a little, and Gus … Continue reading

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Some Spots

Gus has bumps again. I’ve been feeding him his regular food. I’ve actually been doing it for a few weeks with no problems. And he’s gained weight. He was getting so skinny on the prescription stuff. Anyway, the bumps are … Continue reading

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Today is Gus’ birthday. Happy Birthday, Gus! Yay! He’s five years old today. I got him a new scratch box yesterday for his birthday, but I didn’t get a picture of him scratching on it. Instead, here’s a picture of … Continue reading

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Another Warm Place

The other day, I wrote about Gus sitting in the window of my bedroom and enjoying the warm sun. When evening comes, my bedroom window is not a warm hangout anymore. I run the air conditioner most of the afternoon … Continue reading

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