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Max and Ned and Gus

Road Trip

The condo complex I live in has an extermination company do a treatment a few times a year. They don’t like to spray in apartments with pets in them. It always happens during the day when I’m not home, so … Continue reading

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The Life of a Cat

I’m afraid I haven’t been very productive since I got home. Yesterday was even less productive than Monday. When I woke, I stayed in bed and read for a while. Gus was happy to stay there with me. In the … Continue reading

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New Rug Rewind

Here is the picture I should have posted two days ago when I talked about my new rug:

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Cute Cat

My co-worker Chloe got a kitten! She loves cats. She was one of Gus’ babysitters this past summer. She has wanted a cat of her own, wasn’t sure if she could get one. She just recently got married and they’re … Continue reading

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Cat Chat

My downstairs neighbor said he’s been feeding a grey cat. I think it was the one who came to my front door. I had the main door open, but the screed door closed. The cat meowed a little, and Gus … Continue reading

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