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Crunchy Chocolate

Last night, I wanted some ice cream with crunchy chocolate. I have seen lots of commercials lately for some ice cream that’s layered in the container – ice cream, crunchy chocolate, caramel… repeat. I decided to get some. It was … Continue reading

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Dinner and Dip

After school yesterday, my co-worker Chloe asked if I wanted to come over for dinner. She, her fiance, his kids and his grandpa would all be there. A family dinner sounded delightful! I asked what I could bring. She said … Continue reading

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A Gift Box

My co-worker Andrea gave me some Carnation Breakfast Essentials powder. She had gotten a big box of it thinking she would drink it, but she hasn’t, and now that she’s moving into a new house, she’s cleaning out stuff she … Continue reading

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Clay and Cookies

The seventh grade Literature book for fourth quarter is “A Single Shard”. It’s about a boy in 11th century Korea who is fascinated by the celadon pottery a grouchy master makes. The story talks about some pottery that is inlaid … Continue reading

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Not-So-Small Small

Yesterday as I was leaving school, I thought that I should walk on the beach for some exercise. The problem was that I was hungry. If I would have gone home and made something to eat, I would have sat … Continue reading

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