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Mountain Apple

It’s the second time in one week I’ve forgotten to post. Yikes. Yesterday Maile messaged the rest of faculty to let us know that a student of hers had brought some fruit in. She called them mountain apples. I was … Continue reading

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Monday Meal

Monday night is Bible study night. I don’t like to go home from school, then go back out again, so I just stay at school, then go directly to Bible study. Bible study used to include dinner, but we combined … Continue reading

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Egg Pot

I have a really big frying pan, so when I want to do fried eggs, I use my sauce pan. It is the perfect size, and it has a lid. I put in a bunch of butter, then the eggs, … Continue reading

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For the last few weeks, my grocery store hasn’t had my Carnation breakfast drink in the size I usually buy. I like the big open container of loose powder, so I can just shake some into a glass. (because then … Continue reading

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Relaxing Repast

After the camping experience, my mom and I decided to treat ourselves to a dinner out. We went to a new restaurant that opened in an old place I used to like to go to. The new place is great! … Continue reading

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