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Acid Antidote

I’ve been having acid stomach consistently for several days now. I know what my triggers are, and I’ve been avoiding them, but it hasn’t seemed to be working. My regular fix for an acid stomach is milk. And when it’s … Continue reading

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Baby Banana

I worked at school yesterday, and while I was grabbing some Geography papers I left on a shelf by my desk, I saw some bananas I had put there on Friday. I always take bananas out of my lunch bag … Continue reading

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Tea! And Steak!

I found regular, unflavored black tea on Maui! I didn’t think I would find any restaurant that served it. But I did! Yay! I decided I wanted to have some steak yesterday after school. A student had told me about … Continue reading

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Hardware and Turkey, and Hardware for Turkey

I slept in yesterday again. This time zone thing is really hard to adjust to. Plus, I’m feeling lazy because it’s vacation. By the time I woke up, the repair man was at Lloyd and Lauren’s to fix their ceiling … Continue reading

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Delicious Delivery

Somebody sent me some Carnation breakfast drink in the mail. *cough* Lauren *cough* This Carnation was in pouches. I was curious to see if it had the same chemical smell my containerized Carnation does when you open it. It doesn’t. … Continue reading

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