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Attainably Unhealthy

A couple of weeks ago, I got some junk food to take with me to the camp. Ever since, I’ve had junk at my fingertips whenever I want it. It’s been awful. I don’t have much self-control with junk food, … Continue reading

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Place from the Past

My Uncle Paul sent me this picture today: Awww… It’s the Crackpot restaurant in Baltimore! I loved going there. It’s a little neighborhood restaurant that has really good seafood, including delicious crab cakes. Paul and Linda had the giant crab … Continue reading

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Dinner in a Pinch

We had an open house at school last night. I decided to just stay through after school. The problem was, I hadn’t brought any food. I was pretty hungry after a while. But then I remembered I had this: One … Continue reading

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Brave Bites

I am normally pretty leery around expired food, but something unusual has happened: I have eggs in my refrigerator with a “sell by” date of January 13, and not only have I not thrown them out, but I have actually … Continue reading

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Sandwich Salad

I want to eat a little healthier than I have been, so I decided to try something new for lunch: instead of a sandwich, I’m going to try salad. I’ll still eat ham and cheese, but instead of putting it … Continue reading

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