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Craving Cake

When my mom was here visiting, she got a box mix of cinnamon cake. Last night I was craving cake, so I made it. It called for vegetable oil, but the only oil I had was olive oil. Olives are … Continue reading

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Icy Sweet

Lloyd eats frozen strawberries all the time as a snack. The last time I went to the grocery store, I decided I’d get some myself. They’re good! Cold, sweet, refreshing. Maybe I’ll try some other frozen fruits next time…

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Found Foods

I’ve been eating a lot of weird lunches lately. Whenever I go to the grocery store to get lunch foods, nothing looks good, so I end up getting nothing. Then when I try to pack a lunch in schooldays, there’s … Continue reading

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Troubling Tray

My toaster oven has had kind of smoky smell to it lately. I kept telling myself I would clean it, but I kept not cleaning it. Yesterday I tried to use it and there was visible smoke coming from it. … Continue reading

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Gum Fun

Debbie gave me some Fruit Stripe gum for my birthday. I haven’t had it for years. It’s so good, but the flavor doesn’t last very long. Since this was a gift, I decided to be extravagant. I chewed a piece … Continue reading

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