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A Second Starfish

Happy Birthday to me niece Alicia! Anna. Yay! My starfish flower is blooming again. This time, I got two blooms. One finished a few days ago. The other one just opened yesterday. If what I’ve read about these on the … Continue reading

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Snail Solution

The aquarium in my classroom is infested with snails. At least, I think they’re snails. They’re really tiny things that look sort of like barnacles. But they do have a hard shell, and one of my students said she saw … Continue reading

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Again with the Lanai

Happy Birthday to my niece Rachel! Woo hoo! My lanai has been looking crowded and junky. I’ve been trying to figure out how to straighten it up. I wanted long shelves, but the long storage shelves at the home improvement … Continue reading

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Hedge a-Blooming

The bushes outside of my classroom are blooming. They are normally just a hedge of purple leaves, but now they have beautiful speckled flowers on them: They are tiny though. You have to be pretty close to them to get … Continue reading

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Something Old

It’s been hot lately, so yesterday I went upcountry. I thought I’d check out a garden center I hadn’t been to before. It had kind of a meditation theme, with many quiet places and statues of Buddha. They sold plants … Continue reading

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