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It’s a Trap!

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of mail from Baltimore City about my sewer pipes. Apparently, if there is some kind of blockage or break in the pipes between my house and the street, I’m liable for the costs. According … Continue reading

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Last night I walked to Baskin Robins to get some rainbow sherbet. Mmm… it was delicious. On the way there, I saw some graffiti scratched into some fresh cement. It caught my eye, because it was my initials. Then I … Continue reading

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A Mystery

I’ve been keeping a bag of marshmallows in my kitchen in case I get the hankering for toasted marshmallows. I haven’t opened it yet, but yesterday I noticed what looked like a hole in the bag: I went in for … Continue reading

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Shady Smoothness

The other day, I noticed something weird about the shadows and the cracks in the bank parking lot next to my house: they match up. That is to say, the part of the lot inside the shadow was smooth, and … Continue reading

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What does it mean when the electric company sends you a check? Why wouldn’t they just hold on to that money and call it a credit? No note came along with this check. It was just enclosed in a featureless … Continue reading

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