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Some Space

I got notification from my phone that the storage was full. Some apps wouldn’t open, and when I tried to take a picture, the camera wouldn’t work. I know it’s some sort of scam to get me to buy a … Continue reading

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Unexpected Message

I played piano for church yesterday. It was the First Sunday of Advent, so I was excited. I needed three pieces of incidental music (prelude, voluntary, and postlude), and could now use Advent tunes! Yay! For the postlude, I decided … Continue reading

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Speaking of Baby Animals

I don’t see geckos in my apartment very often, but I’m always glad to see them. They eat bugs. Yesterday when I got home from school, there was a tiny gecko on the wall. Yay!

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New Additions

About a month ago, I bought some female guppies for my classroom aquarium. I got four of them, but only one survived. She was already pregnant when I got her, so we’ve been waiting for her to have babies. It … Continue reading

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Winter Wonderland

I have hung icicle lights from my lanai roof. Of course, short of looking in the freezer, I won’t ever see icicles here. I mean, I kind of don’t like winter because it’s cold and dreary, but I kind of … Continue reading

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