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Crayon Paste

On my recent airplane trip, I took only carry-on luggage. That meant not taking my regular toothpaste, because it was too big. Fortunately, I had some smaller tubes: I had just recently bought some Crayola toothpaste. I originally bought it … Continue reading

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Since losing my default toothpaste of Biotene to the evil of sodium saccharin, I’ve had a hard time finding toothpaste to buy. Tom’s of Maine is always a safe choice, but I really prefer the gel formulations because they have … Continue reading

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I got a new tube of Biotene, my regular brand of toothpaste. It said “new and improved” on the box. When I took it out, I noticed they changed the cap. It used to be a flip cap, but now … Continue reading

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Orange Zest

I found a new toothpaste to try! The brand is called “The Natural Dentist”. And it’s orange flavor! Being a fan of orange-flavored toothpaste, I had to get it. My requirements for toothpaste are: no sodium saccharin, it must have … Continue reading

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Burt’s Bees Orange Wow

I haven’t finished my previous tube of toothpaste, but I was too excited to wait: I found Burt’s Bees toothpaste in the grocery store! From my searches online, I was expecting it to be more than $10 per tube, but … Continue reading

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