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Auromere Toothpaste

I got a new toothpaste from the treehugger grocery store yesterday. It's called Auromere. It has many claims on the box. One of them is that it's saccharin free. Yay! That means I can use it. I was a little … Continue reading

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A Moister Mouth

Happy Birthday to my niece Rachel! She’s sixteen! I got a card last week. It’s still on my desk at school. I stopped at the grocery store yesterday because after school today we’re having a meeting that promises to be … Continue reading

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Where’s the Adventure?

When I started the toothpaste category on Bradaptation, I was searching for something that didn’t have saccharin, sucralose, or aspartame. It was a difficult task. But now that I’ve found a brand that works, I feel strangely empty. It used … Continue reading

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Well, I’m withdrawing myself from the “Who Can Use a Tube of Toothpaste Up First” contest. That just leaves Kiwe, Beth, and Lauren. I left my Tom’s Spearmint Gel at home. I started with a new tube of toothpaste because … Continue reading

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A New Discovery

I went to get what has become my usual choice for Tom’s of Maine toothpaste last night. I’ve been using Wintermint gel for the last three tubes. But the grocery store didn’t have it. All they had was Wintermint paste. … Continue reading

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