Keep on Keeping On

I’ve been stuck on a song for the last two days… the Baby Yoda song! Warning… some minor spoilers. But if you’ve been on the internet at all the last couple of weeks, you’ve been Baby Yoda all over the place, so the spoilers are already out there.

Baby Yoda is from a new Star Wars show. I’m watching the show, and I enjoy it. I also really enjoy the song. It gets stuck in my head for long periods of time.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Ha! It’s stuck in my head now, too. I need to get a Disney plus subscription…….

    Baby Yoda.
    Baby Yoda.
    Floating in a pod,
    Baby Yoda.

  2. Debbie says:

    I feel left out. I thought yoga was old?

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Three Trees

I have been tending some trees behind my classroom. I planted three plumeria cuttings, but only one has survived. That survivor was looking withered and all the leaf-sprouts had turned black and dropped off. I decided I would keep watering it. It’s looking better!

See the new leaf on the branch at the top?

I also planted three puakenikeni trees. Also only one of them has survived. I think it will make it, as long as I keep watering it. Over Thanksgiving break, I spread some potting soil around it to help suppress the grass.

The soil also makes a nice water reservoir.

The tree that looks the best right now is the puakenikeni I planted when I buried Gus. It was larger already, which I think is helping it remain healthy.

I amended the soil around it as well.
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Free Furniture

I think I’ve written before about how the dumpster corrals at my condo complex sometimes have usable things left in them. The other day, I was driving by one and saw a small table that would fit perfectly next to the bed in my guest room.

I brought it in, cleaned it off, and put it in place. Perfect! Before, there was a cardboard box serving as a night stand. Now anyone sleeping there will have a sturdy surface and lots of room for their phone or glasses or whatnot.

Don’t worry, Lauren. I checked it thoroughly for bedbugs 🙂

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The Same but Different

I have a particular kind of wallet I like. It’s a small card case type wallet. It’s always been hard to find. I usually end up finding it as an insert in an larger wallet. I buy the larger wallet, then use only the card case.

My current wallet was falling apart and I’d looked at various sales and not-sales and wasn’t seeing a replacement. Then it occurred to me – I could just look online! I found it right away.

It came in the mail yesterday. I switched contents right away.

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Finger Fun

I found a tiny box over the weekend, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it: do the “finger in a box”.

Ha! It’s a trick. You cut a hole in the bottom of the box, then stick your finger through. You have to kind of hide your “missing” finger with the box top, but if you practice, you can get it down pretty good.

I took it to church yesterday morning and showed a few people. It was a hit! Andrea even remembered doing the same thing when she was a kid.

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