Tire Trouble

Keeping my streak of productiveness going, I took my truck to the shop yesterday to fix a tire that had a slow leak. It’s patched! Only $35.72! I didn’t have to buy a new tire! Woo hoo!

I’ve been having to put air in it every four days or so. It was a huge pain. No gas station here has free air, so it would cost $1.50 every time I did it.

Monday morning was the last time I filled up. When I walked back to my truck from getting quarters, I thought it was particularly picturesque. I took a picture:

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3 Responses to Tire Trouble

  1. Lauren says:

    Of course that’s the beautiful view from your gas station. Of course. Is there any place on Maui that doesn’t look like paradise?

    Nice work getting the tire fixed!

  2. Kristi says:

    You have to pay for air????? And I thought paying for water was a bad thing.

  3. Debbie says:

    Ohhhh, you need to get a tire plugging kit! We have a video on it… I’ll send via txt….. so easy and with all that you do and figure out, wahla for you! Isn’t it crazy that you have to pay for air? I guess we should all feel like millionaires that we are able to breath every day?

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Delicious Dish

I’ve had a couple of weird days in a row… on Sunday, I was super-productive with my grading. Very focused. No wasted time. Then yesterday, I cooked.

Lately, dinner has been frozen pizza or a bowl of lima beans or a can of mandarin oranges. Last night, I made eggs goldenrod. It’s creamed eggs on toast, and it is delicious!

It made me think of my mom, because it was a regular dish from my childhood, and because she said she still makes it for herself regularly. Good choice, mom! Yum!

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Junk Pile

I’ve kept my condo pretty clean lately, which I’ve felt good about. The exception is the little table by my kitchen. It is the catch-all for everything. I should clean it off. Maybe showing a picture of it will encourage me to do it.

Most of the stuff could easily just be put somewhere, but then I have to decide where it should go. Deciding is hard.

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Hiking Again

I went hiking yesterday! It’s been a long time. I went with my pastor. We went to an upcountry trail called “poli poli”. It is a trail that goes through woods. It was beautiful!

There are some lilikoi (passionfruit) vines that grow everywhere. They are actually kind of bad weeds to the forest, but they do have beautiful flowers, and they make fruit.

They’re called banana lilikoi because the fruit is long and yellow. We tried one. It was tart and sweet.

The woods were beautiful. Every once in a while, there was a break in the trees. You could see all of the valley.

We were there early enough that we didn’t really see other people, but it is apparently a popular place for parachute gliders. One went right over the top of us.

We did a small loop trail, then went on a longer trail that went above the tree line. It was interesting to see the vegetation change.

We only went up that trail partway, then turned around.

We went to Kula to grab some lunch. There was a jacaranda tree there. I like jacarandas! It was beautiful.

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Craving Cake

When my mom was here visiting, she got a box mix of cinnamon cake. Last night I was craving cake, so I made it. It called for vegetable oil, but the only oil I had was olive oil. Olives are vegetables, right?

The cake was delicious! Thanks, mom!

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