A Trip to Lincoln

Yesterday, Lloyd and Lauren and I went to Lincoln for Lauren’s Day of Fun. Yay!

I had a couple of goals: I wanted to go to a specific garden center that I like, and I wanted to look for some new teacher shoes, because I ruined my old ones when I went hiking in them.

Before we did anything, we went to lunch. We ate at Chick-fil-A. Yum! I haven’t eaten there in a while. It’s not available on Maui.

I got the chicken sandwich meal.

I got the chicken sandwich meal.

The garden center was fun. I miss temperate garden plants. I enjoyed seeing them again. We didn’t stay super long though. The sun was bright and hot.

It's a big place

It’s a big place

We went to a sporting goods store to shop for shoes. I’ve been looking at hiking shoes to wear as teacher shoes because they have great support. I chose two styles to try on. One style wasn’t available in my size. The other style not only fit, but was also comfortable. I also like what they look like. I bought them.

I like the green in them.

I like the green in them.

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2 Responses to A Trip to Lincoln

  1. Lauren says:

    Hooray for a nice day! Thank you for the food suggestions and the shopping. Those shoes are great, and now you have some very comfortable, dedicated hiking shoes. 🙂

  2. Carol says:

    It’s difficult to picture you in your classroom NOT wearing those Doc Martins (?), but I agree – these look like you could put in an effortless 16-hour day if necessary. Wear them in good health! Yet…will this ‘wow’ students in the fall with their new shininess? Hmmm…

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A Fine Fourth

Yesterday was another wonderful Fourth of July celebration in Seward.

Every year at the celebrations here in Seward, there is a guy with crazy pants. I talk about him all the time, but my deep desire was to have my picture taken with him. At the pancake breakfast, we spotted him. Even better, my mom knew him. She asked if I could get a picture with him.

We did something different this year – Brent gave a presentation about the history of his house, and we all went. It was really interesting. A lot of Seward’s history touches the story of the house.

I of course made sure to see the cloggers. They’re my favorite. They’re so smiley and dance to such fun music, they just make me feel happy when I watch.

The parade had five Czech queens. I only got pictures of three because I was talking when some of them went by. I’ll just post my favorite picture. One of the queens was appreciative of our counting. “Five! Five Czech queens! Ah-ha-ha-ha!”

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Happy Fourth of July! Yay!

Yesterday was Tim’s birthday. It was a nice party. For dinner, he requested breakfast casserole. Yum!

His birthday cake was inspired by Harry Potter. He took the test on Pottermore, and was sorted into Hufflepuff. I have also taken the test. I’m Gryffindor. I was surprised to hear from Anna that she was Hufflepuff, and so was Alicia. She says it’s our family house. What? I’m Gryffindor! At least I can take comfort in the fact that Rachel is Gryffindor too.

Watching Tim open presents was fun. He was careful to open cards first and to read them out loud so everyone would know what they said.

Beth helped me find a gift Tim loved – socks that look like cat feet. They are printed on both sides, so the bottom has cat “toes” printed on it. Ha!

It was a wonderful time, and a great kickoff to today’s festivities. Yay!

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The Proper Way

Happy Birthday to my nephew Tim. Yay!

Harold and Beth and family came over for dinner last night. They brought fried chicken and other delicious things. For dessert, they brought Oreos.

They were double stuff

They were double stuff

We discussed the proper way to eat Oreos. I open the cookie, scrape off the creme with my teeth, and eat both cookies. I thought everyone did that. There are more ways than I might have thought. Here’s the rundown:

TIM – Dip the Oreo in milk, bite the wet part, let the cookie parts dissolve in your mouth, eat the cream.

HAROLD – Put the whole thing in your mouth all at once. Eat it.

BETH – Open, then eat the cookie that the creme didn’t stick to. Break the cookie that has creme on it in half, stack them – double cream! Bite the new sandwich and eat.

TARA – No particular way of eating, but if the Oreo is not stacked symmetrically, it must be dismantled and re-stacked.

LLOYD – Smash the cookie pieces together so cream gets smeared onto both of them. Take one half, lick the cream off, eat the cookie. Take the other half, lick the cream off, eat the cookie.

LAUREN – No particular way to eat the Oreos, but they must not be dunked in milk. Food that is wet and shouldn’t be is gross!

One more thing: while I was looking at the Oreo package, I noticed this:

Stuf? Has Double Stuf always been spelled with one “F”? I do not remember that at all. Another example of the Mandela Effect? Or have we moved into an alternate universe?

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Of Ties and Pipes

Yesterday was Sunday, so I went to church. In Maui, I wear a collared pull-over, or an aloha shirt. But here, I can wear a suit and tie! Woo hoo! I love dressing up.

I don’t have any suits or ties on Maui, but I did leave one suit here in Nebraska. It hangs in the closet of the bedroom I stay in:

And my entire tie collection is in safe keeping there as well:

As it turns out, I was over dressed for church. Most men were wearing collared pull-over shirts. I didn’t care, I was wearing a suit and tie, and it felt great!

The music for the service was also great. I have missed being accompanied by an organ. My eyes watered a lot. When we sang “I Know that My Redeemer Lives”, I got all choked up and couldn’t sing for the whole first verse, but by the end of the song, I was really blasting it.

Yay dressing up! Yay organ music!

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