I park by the side of the modular classroom building I teach in. It’s a short walk to my room, but longer walk to the rest of the classrooms. Peter and Diane park there too. Yesterday I noticed that our cars were red, white, and blue. It looked so patriotic, I had to take a picture.

Josh parks in this patch of yard too, but his car is usually to the left, out of the frame of this picture.

Josh parks in this patch of yard too, but his car is usually to the left, out of the frame of this picture.

So many of my co-workers are at school for such long hours. Diane always beats me to school in the morning. Others stay after I do. Lots of dedication.

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4 Responses to Flaggish

  1. Lauren says:

    You work with a good crew. 🙂 Your license plates look so festive! You have little stickers on your bumper. Are those significant?

  2. Debbie says:

    How observant of you. Fun.

  3. Lloyd says:

    Wrong order –would not salute.

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Gus Day is getting closer.

Yesterday I got a text from the vet that will meet Gus and Denis at the airport. She wanted me to make sure the paperwork is all in order. I checked in with Denis, and everything is good. He even sent me a picture of the health certificate so I could forward it to the vet. She said all the info was there.

Gus and Denis leave Sunday morning, stay in LA that night, and arrive here on Monday around noon. So soon!

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Deliciousness Delivered

I got a package in the mail! Woo hoo! It was from Debbie, my “sister” from Tennessee. It was full of fun stuff, but my favorite thing was a small jar of home made pickles. Mmmm… I love pickles!

The camera didn't focus, and I was too lazy to take another picture.

The camera didn’t focus, and I was too lazy to take another picture.

They’re dill pickles, and they’re so good! I’ve made two servings out of it so far, and I think I have one serving left. I’m trying to wait so I can stretch out the deliciousness, but I don’t know how long I’ll last.

Thanks, Debbie! I love the stuff you sent!

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Apple Bananas

I went to Bible study last night with Kaala and Andrea. They are having a banana bonanza in their back yard right now. They had bananas spread all over their kitchen. When everybody from Bible study went home last night, they went home with bananas.

They grow apple-bananas. They are shorter than the cavendish bananas you get in the grocery store. They also have a different flavor. There is a tartness to them. And almost… apple-like tartness…

These are particularly big ones.

These are particularly big ones.

Gabi said I should be careful of the juice coming out of the cut stems. She said if it gets on something, it’ll make a “banana spot” that will never come out. I believe her. I’m being careful.

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Copiapoa Hypogaea Bloom

My Copiapoa hypogaea is blooming!

I go out on my lanai every evening to inspect and admire my potted plants. My stapelia has a flower bud on it that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I’ve been watching it for a couple of weeks now. I’ll be so excited to see it bloom. When I go onto the lanai, it’s the first thing I look at. I was so focused on it last night, I almost didn’t see the copiapoa.

Copiapoa hypogaea bloom

Copiapoa hypogaea bloom

I smelled it on the off chance that it might have a scent. I think I might have detected a slight fragrance, but it could have been my imagination. The flower is a delicate beauty though. There are other buds, so I’ll have to make sure to enjoy all the flowers it produces. Cactus flowers are short-lived.

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