Dramatic Pause

Yesterday, our middle school was invited to see a play at the public high school just down the street. They were doing “Once upon a Mattress”. They did a really good job. I genuinely enjoyed watching it.

It was also fun to watch, because several lifetimes ago, when I was in my twenties, I was Prince Dauntless in “Once upon a Mattress”. My church did dinner theaters each spring, and I was in several of them. It was a blast. I should be part of a play again…

They have a really nice auditorium.

They have a really nice auditorium.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Wow – that is a really nice stage!

    I think about going to artistic presentations more often, but I’m too lazy. You should definitely find a play to be a part of!

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Slow Sloppiness

Well, it hasn’t been quite two weeks since my mom and aunt left, and my apartment is already sliding into chaos. It’s weird how fast it happens. I just put a little mail on the table in my living room, and suddenly it’s covered with stuff.

Maybe if I take a little off each night it will just as quickly return to a clean surface again.

Ha! It’s funny I said that… I probably won’t clean it off again until this summer.

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It’s been cool at night lately – cool enough that I could just open the windows instead of running the air conditioner. I tried it on Monday night. The temperature was comfortable, but there were TONS of small black gnat-like bugs flying around my apartment. Yuck. And when I woke up in the morning, my eyes felt gummy. Double yuck.

I decided to run the air conditioner again last night. I was so much more comfortable keeping all of the nature out of my apartment.

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Relic Receivers

I went to the mall after school yesterday to get movie tickets for “A Wrinkle in Time”. We’re taking the seventh and eighth graders there a week from today. I kind of like the reserved-seat thing. It seems to be becoming more prevalent.

On my way out of the mall, I saw this:

They are actual, working payphones! How interesting! It’s funny, because my reaction to seeing them was that there is no way I’d ever touch them. My cell phone is probably dirtier than them though, according to things I’ve read. I should probably clean my phone with a disinfecting wipe…

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Carnation Curiosity

I have decided to just get cut flowers every Sunday when I go to the grocery store. It will just be a regular expense, like the electricity bill.

I was a little disappointed in this past week’s lilies. They were “Starfire” instead of “Stargazer”. since those were the only kind of lily available this week, I decided to go for carnations. I sniffed them all until I found the most fragrant bunch. They were white. White flowers are often the smelliest, because they don’t have color to attract pollinators and use fragrance instead.

When I was preparing the flowers for the vase I saw a curious label on the wrapper:

Handcrafted? That’s a weird word to put on flowers. I mean, certainly God put some great work into making flowers, but I’m not sure they were talking about God.

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