My first day in LA was very uneventful. It was a day of relaxation and doing nothing. I’ve started watching an old sitcom I’ve heard a lot about but never seen – Arrested Development. I also ate a lot of junk food.

Maybe today I’ll at least go for a walk or something.

When Denis got home, we watched Incredibles 2

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  1. Lauren says:

    Well, that looks like a fine first day of relaxation. I’m sure Denis could use the movie and some down time. He must be kinda swamped, or is his department not as busy?

    • Brad says:

      Less busy right now. They usually do scheduled surgeries. Many of them have been canceled. He says they’re spending lots of time in meetings right now.

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Flying the Sterile Skies

My flight to LA was mostly uneventful. My wait at the Kahului airport was interesting. I washed my hands a lot. Only a few people were wearing masks. LOTS of people were touching heir face. There were a lot of hand sanitizer stations out

The airplane was really crowded. I had an aisle seat as usual. I wiped everything down. I brought junk food with me to eat, but there was a fruit and cheese box offered, and I couldn’t resist.

I did sanitize my hands. I think I was safe.

I’ll be in LA for ten days. Denis will be at work during the day. I have books and watercolor painting materials. And of course there’s always the tv and my phone. I’m in for some serious relaxation.

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Water Woes

Yesterday was another work day at school. This time, I got all of my paperwork done! (almost) Yay! (almost)

I was just about to leave for the day, and decided to do a water change in my classroom aquarium. I haven’t been as attentive to it since it got a leak and I got tilapia in it. The amount of work was just so intimidating!

Anyway, I did the water change, then noticed that the leak was faster than usual. On closer inspection, I saw that it was leaking super fast. There was no way that the little bucket I had under the leak would last more than a few hours before it over flowed. Dang it. I would have to drain the tank.

An hour and forty-five minutes later, I was done. Ugh. The tank is empty, but it’s still dirty. I’ll have to clean everything, then patch the leak. Then I can refill and restock it. Dang it.

I fly to LA today. I had planned to spend some time there during my spring break. I was going to explore the city. I don’t think that’s going to happen now. But I decided to still go, because if this corona situation gets weirder, I’d rather be staying with someone than being by myself.

Delta Flight #1787 Depart Kahului 12:33pm Arrive LA 8:35pm

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Bright and Early

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Yay!

I exercised yesterday morning. As I was finishing, the sun was rising.

I feel like the nights have taken forever to shorten this spring. It seems like Cristina and I were always talking about the sunrises, but then it was just dark, dark, dark.

Yesterday, we finally were talking about the sunrise again. We both got out our phones to take pictures, then joked about how the pictures never look as good as it really was.

She has some house guests right now, and she went inside to get them. They came out, but by the time they were there, the sky wasn’t as bright.

I’m looking forward to more beautiful sunrises.

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Sunday Server

We did have church yesterday, even though the corona virus is happening. I was extra careful and washed my hands a lot and didn’t touch anyone. I played the piano for the service, so I was isolated in the back.

One of the visitors was a girl who recently moved here. She said she works at a restaurant in Maalaea. She said business has been pretty bad lately. I felt sorry for her. My salary keeps going if we suspend school. Her pay doesn’t.

When I went to Safeway to do my regular shopping, I decided I’d stop to eat first. I went to Outback. It wasn’t empty-empty, but it looked pretty sparse for a Sunday. When I paid, I left a big tip. I hope the servers of the world are going to be ok.

Mmm… steak…
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