Night Adventure

At around six o’clock I got a call from my friend and co-worker Josh. He was at Costco and saw a great sectional couch and decided to get it. The only problem was that they wouldn’t hold it until today. He called and asked if I would meet him at Costco, load my truck, and could swap vehicles. I headed out right away.

By the time the truck was loaded, it was getting dark. I’m hardly ever out after dark. How exciting!

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  1. Lauren says:

    You’re like Batman! Going out in the dark to rescue people….. so fun!

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Ritual Secrets

I pick shampoo almost exclusively by the smell. I’ve been using the same shampoo for a while now. It’s Dove brand, and it’s supposed to be based on what various cultures around the world do for beautiful hair. This one is supposedly a Hawaiian formulation. It’s something-something coconut water and lime. It doesn’t really smell like limes, but it is a nice smell.

I recently went to the store to get a new bottle of it, and noticed a change in the label:

How interesting. Perhaps “rituals” sounded condescending?

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I got the first stage of the covid vaccine yesterday. Hawaii just opened eligibility to new groups of essential workers, including teachers.

I registered on Saturday, and yesterday I went to the hospital to get the shot. The line was long.

It moved along pretty well though, so I was soon getting my shot. I got advice to take Tylenol immediately after the shot, then again eight hours later. It seems to be working.

My booster is in three weeks.

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Dumpster Lamps

I often look when I drive by the dumpster corrals to see what people at my condo complex leave out because sometimes there is some cool stuff. I got a lovely Dumpster Chair about a year ago.

I now have some lamps for my guest bedroom:

Woo hoo! Free lamps! I did have to get some adhesive to close the split lampshade. I would replace the lampshades entirely, but they are attached below the socket, and would require a little work to replace.

For now, they’ll do very nicely. Now I just need to get that spare room cleaned up. I have some visitors coming soon.

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Shared Culture

In Language Arts class, we’re studying poetry. One of our poems mentioned nasturtium flowers, so I was saying to the students that they are edible and tasted kind of spicy… a little like a radish. One of the students said: “What’s a radish?” I asked the class if they had ever tasted a radish. Only one student thought maybe he had a long time ago.

I LOVE when this happens – when my students aren’t familiar with something that I do know about. It could be food, it could be a historical reference, a joke, a song, an urban legend. I love talking about it all. I think “shared culture” is a big deal. The more we know in common, the more we’re connected.

I brought radishes in to class for the kids to taste. They didn’t like them. That’s ok… more for me!

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