Potential Savings

I get my groceries from Safeway. They’re having a promotion right now where they give you Monopoly pieces and you can collect sets. If you get the right pieces, you can win prizes.

They ask you when you’re checking out if you want the pieces. I wasn’t going to play the game at all, but I opened one, and it had a coupon for my brand of paper towels.

Since then, I’ve always asked for the game pieces when I check out. And I’ve put them in a big pile on the table and left them there:

Maybe I can look at them over the weekend...

Maybe I can look at them over the weekend…

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2 Responses to Potential Savings

  1. Lauren says:

    It’s like the McDonald’s of grocery stores! I would imagine that $250,000,000 could purchase a nice little bungalow in Maui. šŸ˜‰

  2. Debbie Foelber says:

    I also shop at Safeway sometimes. Some of the coupons are for free items. I’ve gotten free bagels, donuts and hot dog rolls so far. Have fun! Maybe you’ll win a boat!

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Pie Day

Happy Pi Day!

After church last night, I stopped at the grocery store to get some pies for school today. The pie table was mostly empty:

Ha! I think other people must’ve gotten pies for today. How funny!

I took the big cherry pie, the half an apple, and a pumpkin. It should be enough for seventh and eighth.

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Accidental Art

I was preparing a slide show about my three good reasons why the seventh graders should stay seated during lunch, and I staged a picture of food that had dropped to the floor. I think I accidentally created some beautiful art.

Maybe I should print and frame it.

Maybe I should print and frame it.

The three good reasons were: Cleanliness, Manners, and Respect.

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Lately, I have been feeling bad about being out of shape. In the past, if I gained some weight, I could just change my diet a little, and the extra weight would go away. This time, it’s staying, and physical exertion is even getting difficult.

Of course, exercise is the answer. I’ve got to get off my couch. But I’m not motivated. I can hardly even get myself to go for a walk.

I decided to look for a personal trainer. I had experienced a session back in 2015, and have thought about it ever since. It was so nice to just have someone tell me what to do and to not think about it.

I’ve actually been looking for a long time, and had mostly given up, but recently stumbled upon an ad for a trainer online. A few short email exchanges, and we were in business. Woo hoo! I’m exercising! Last Thursday was my first time. Yesterday was my second. I really like the trainer. She takes a thoughtful approach and pays attention to detail. Here’s hoping I can keep doing the sessions!

My shorts are all for teaching, so they’re kind of “dressy” and require a belt. Yesterday after school, I stopped at Ross and got some shorts with elastic in them.

Red shorts?  I never wore such bright colors before moving to Maui.

Red shorts? I never wore such bright colors before moving to Maui.

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The band concert was yesterday. The kids did a great job, even though some of them were feeling kind of sick.

Four Lutheran schools playing together

Four Lutheran schools playing together

After the concert, we went straight to the airport. Everything went mostly well, and we made it back to Maui. I was tired. I went to bed.

Today we have school, which is kind of rough, but after this week is Spring Break, so that’s good.

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