Super Jogger

On my way to work each morning, I drive past a bike/running trail. Since I travel around the same time each morning, I see the regulars on the trail. One of them is a jogger who wears a high-visibility belt. It always catches my eye.

The day Avengers: Endgame came out, he was not only wearing the bright yellow belt, but also bright yellow socks, and a bright yellow shirt tied around his neck (which looked like a cape). I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but he looked like he was wearing a super-hero outfit. Ha!

Ever since then, I always smile when I see him.

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  1. Lauren says:

    In a way, he is a superhero – running all over an island and preventing accidents. Well, preventing himself from getting run over. Go, jogger, go!

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Rapturous Retail

The Target parking lot was magical yesterday.

I stopped there to eat dinner. Mmm… Pizza Hut personal pizza…

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Not a Bird

I stayed at school until super late last night. I had fallen behind on my paperwork. But I am happy to say, I’m completely caught up. Yay!

But I forgot to call my mom on Mother’s Day. D’oh! Sorry, Mom.

I was going over to the other building to get some papers off the copy machine, and something on the roof of the church caught my eye:

There are often birds on the edge of the roof, but this definitely wasn’t a bird:

I was too brain-addled to think about doing anything. Hopefully, if the cat was able to get up there, it would be able to get back down. Good luck, kitty. I’ll check today to see if I see it.

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Gecko Guest

I was outside on my lanai watering my plants, when I saw a gold dust gecko. I was glad.

See it on the railing?

See it on the railing?

There are several kinds of lizard on the island, and many (most?) of them are invasive, including the gold dust gecko. But the gold dust gecko is so beautiful! My quick internet research seems to say their impact on the island is still unknown. Hopefully they aren’t bad guys.

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Clay and Cookies, Trial Two

Last year, I tried to have my students make cookies that had were ‘inlaid’ with candy. I used Jolly Ranchers, which didn’t work too well, because the cookies were soft, and the candy was HARD.

This year, I tried using decorator sugar. I thought the sugar would melt into little pools of sugary glass, and make the cookies a success.



They were not a success. The sugar didn’t melt. It didn’t even fuse together. They were just cookies with piles of sugar on them. They still tasted good.

I was talking with the preschool teachers about it, and they said I should use chocolate. What a good idea! It should actually do what I want: fill the cut-out cookie spaces with a solid – but edible- substance.

On a side-note, the kids did take the opportunity to make all seven Dragon Balls, and wished that school would end.

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