Baffling Bugs

I’ve had a few itch bug bites since I got back to Maui. I think it’s happening in my apartment. I think it’s related to Gus’ itchy bump rashes. I would really like to find what’s happening.

I don’t think it’s my sheets, because I just washed them. I thought it might be my couch, but I took it apart and looked very closely. There were some crumbs between the cushions, and a few green bell pepper seeds, but I didn’t see any bugs of any kind.

Maybe the carpet? Maybe just in the air? I’ll keep looking.

I used the flashlight I got for Christmas.

I used the flashlight I got for Christmas.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Yikes. I am very sorry about that – mostly the not knowing. Could it be a flea? I know someone in Hawaii who had a flea issue.

    Nice flashlight, by the way.

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Birthday Brunch

Yesterday was a work day at school, because today is the first day back from Christmas break. It wasn’t really notable, except that in the morning after church, I joined David and Barbara and some friends for Barbara’s birthday brunch.

Her actual birthday is today, but she really likes a vegan place in Paia, and wanted to go there for brunch. There are a lot of different choices on the menu, but I went for an acai bowl… that is, a bowl of fruit and granola. It was really good. I would go back and have it again for sure.

It was sweetened with honey.  Mmm...

It was sweetened with honey. Mmm…

The rest of the day was spent in my classroom. I worked more slowly than I wanted to, but I did get the stuff done that I needed to get done.

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Got it Covered

Happy Epiphany!

Yesterday was just a day of re-acclimating to Maui. I slept late, then watched the new Mary Poppins movie, then went shopping.

On my list was looking for a new bed covering. I’ve been using a comforter without a cover. It’s worked out really well for me, because it’s not too warm, but it does add some weight on top of me. I like to have covers of some kind when I’m sleeping.

The problem with my comforter is that it’s white. When Gus sleeps on it, it gets visibly dirty. I’ve wanted to find a replacement for a while, but the imminent visit of my cousin and his wife motivated me to finally do it.

I got a quilty blue bedspread. I think it’ll be enough to help me feel covered, but not thick enough that it’ll be hot. I have a week to see what it’s like before Mike and Sandra arrive.

Gus still prefers his fuzzy blanket.

Gus still prefers his fuzzy blanket.

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Ups and Downs

My flight from LA was fairly uneventful for most of the time. I hand an aisle seat. I had to pay to watch a movie, which bothered me, but I liked the movie, so at least there’s that.

The approach to Maui was turbulent. I was glad the captain warned us – I appreciate a heads-up. The wind was gusting and making the ride really bumpy. A couple of times we did such big up-and-downs that many people in the plane said “woooo!” like they were on a roller coaster. I, on the other hand was whispering prayers audibly.

I have discovered that looking out the window and seeing that we are getting closer to the ground helps me be less scared. It does not, however, help me be less sick. I was sweating and had a headache because of the turbulence. I was a little nervous, because my seat pocket didn’t have an air-sickness bag.

A small help was the distraction of a two-year-old boy two seats over. His mom was next to me, and his dad was three seats down. The boy’s ears weren’t popping, and he was crying. His parents gave him things to eat and drink, then they gave him some gum. He must have gotten relief, because he stopped crying.

But then his dad said: “Oh, shoot” The boy had vomited. His parents went into quick action trying to clean it up. I really felt for the boy. The distraction of the boy didn’t help me be less sick-feeling, but it did help me be less scared, and in no time we were on the ground.

I’m back! Yay! It was good to see Gus.

He was glad to see me too.

He was glad to see me too.

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Santa Monica Tourist

Yesterday after sleeping in, we went to another tourist destination: Santa Monica Pier.

It was so fun. It was filled with souvenir stores, restaurants, street performers, and tourists.

So great for people-watching.

So great for people-watching.

The view of the beach from the pier was great. The beach is huge.

The water was really clear.

The water was really clear.

We went down to the beach to see it. It reminded me of California beaches in the movies. There were people jogging and skating and playing volleyball and exercising. All it needed was an 80’s soundtrack of some kind…

I fly back to Maui today. Here’s my flight info, for those who like to play along at home:

Friday, January 4
Hawaiian #33
Depart LA 9:00am
Arrive Kahului 1:10pm

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