Fruit and Vegetable

I take a green bell pepper to school almost every day. Most days, I don’t eat it for lunch. Instead I eat it right after school. I tear it open on my way to my truck, then eat it while I’m driving home.

When I’m pulling the pepper apart, I need to throw the core and seeds somewhere. I usually take it to the weeds growing along the edge of our property. A while back, I was surprised to see a passion fruit vine growing there. I wondered if it was originally just a volunteer from a fruit someone threw there.

However it got there, it’s a full-grown, blooming and fruiting vine. Cool! The flowers have only a faint scent. I have not tried the fruits.

There is a small green passion fruit just left of center at the top of the photo.

There is a small green passion fruit just left of center at the top of the photo.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Thank you for pointing out where the fruit is. I would have missed it otherwise. Will it be joined by a pepper plant soon?

    I like the visual of you tearing open a pepper as you end the school day. Maybe I’d feel better if I demolished something.

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Thrifty Turkey

I stopped at the grocery store for my regular Sunday grocery shopping yesterday. I walked past the foil baking pans and thought maybe I should get one. I was thinking I’ll cook a turkey this year, and if I wait until later, they’ll be out of pans, and I won’t be able to get one anywhere, because this is Maui.

I don’t think I’ll do a whole meal, but if I make a turkey, I could also do stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy. Then I could put them all onto plates and freeze them for delicious frozen dinners.

So anyway, I got a foil turkey pan, then I went to look at the turkeys. They were all so big – all in the 20 pound range. I was turning away from the freezer when I noticed the sign:

All the turkeys were $9. That was crazy! I got the smallest one I could find (19 pounds), and bought it. Normally $27. I paid only $9. That’s going to be a bunch of cheap frozen meals.

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I have been eating a lot of processed food at home lately, so yesterday when I was out on an errand, I decided to stop at a salad place. It’s kind of like Subway – you choose the ingredients for your salad.

I got tomatoes, bacon, and blue cheese, because… yum! But I decided I’d add bean sprouts. Mmm… Crunchy and fresh… But when I looked, they only had sunflower sprouts. Sunflower? I’d never heard of that. But I thought maybe sprouts were sprouts.

They weren’t. Sunflower sprouts have a spice flavor. Sort of pine-like. I think people who like gin might like sunflower sprouts, but I don’t. I picked them all off. The remaining salad was good though.

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Loaded Cake

One of the preschool teachers gave all of us other teachers a piece of cake today at school. It was in a Chinese takeout box. It was bundt cake with something gooey inside. I microwaved it for ten seconds before I ate it.

It… was… AWESOME! I texted her right away and told her how delicious it was. Then she told me something even awesomer. It had Kahlua in it. Yum! I told her I’d have to make rum cake for her. But I don’t think she’d better eat that at school. My rum cake recipe is potent.

Mmm... so chocolatey and delicious...

Mmm… so chocolatey and delicious…

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The Thing I Forgot

I stopped at Home Depot on the way home from school. I had three things on my list: a new timer for my classroom aquarium, some cleaning wipes, and some brooms. I wrote the three things on a sticky note. I repeated them over and over again. I was NOT going to forget them.

As I was heading for the checkout, I saw that I had waited too long. The garden center exit was closed. Dang. I’d have to walk all the way back to the regular check out.

But then on the way, something magical happened – I walked past the toilet repair section and remembered that I’m’teaching the kids about toilets in Life Skills today. I remembered to buy a package of toilet guts so I could show them in class. Yay! I was so glad.

If I had gotten to school tomorrow and started making plans and realized I didn’t have those toilet guts, I would have been so angry with myself.

On the right

On the right

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