Walking and Weeding

Well, I didn’t work on my porch steps yesterday.

In the morning, I finished my taxes. I also did several other personal paperwork items. I felt very responsible.

I wanted to go out somewhere, so I headed for the mall.

I got a good parking space.

I got a good parking space.

I did a lap and looked at some things, but I didn’t get anything. It was nice to walk though. I love walking.

Back at home, I sat on the couch a little, but then got stir crazy and went out to the garden to pull some weeds. Sorry for the repeat of yesterday’s post, but here is the before and after of my weeding:



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  1. Lauren says:

    Wow! You could have just said, “I built a path” – it’s that dramatic. 😉

    I think your day was plenty productive. Enjoy today!

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The Power of Positive Procrastination

Happy Birthday to Denis! It’s a big one this year! Woo hoo!

I said I was going to use this time off to repair the steps on my porch. Yesterday it rained. I wasn’t too disappointed. I’m kind of not feeling like doing my steps. But maybe I can use the Power of Positive Procrastination. Maybe the guilt of not doing my steps will motivate me to do other things.

Yesterday afternoon after it stopped raining, I weeded the area by my pond.



The pond needs some cleaning too. In the “Before” picture, there is a pile of trash that a little elf named Karl pulled out of the pond a couple of weeks ago. In the “After” picture, there are some leaves and trash that Denis pulled out while I was weeding. How nice to have such wonderful help. Thanks, guys.

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Sights And Sounds of the Season

It was a really nice day yesterday. My former church had a sunrise service in their cemetery at 7am. I went. It was gorgeous weather outside, and the service was charming and delightful.

So beautiful...

So beautiful…

The service at my current church was packed with music. There were also lots of fragrant flowers there. It was a feast for the senses.

I love Easter hymns

I love Easter hymns

After church, I went to have dinner with the Ric and Ceil and family. The street their house is on looks like something from Dr. Seuss. It’s full of redbuds.

So pink and fluffy, the snorzgatch trees...

So pink and fluffy, the snorzgatch trees…

After a delicious meal, we went for a walk. Their whole neighborhood is full of blooming trees and shrubs and plants. It was delightful.

I loved these tall trees.

I loved these tall trees.

We ended up at a convent – a real, working convent. We didn’t see any nuns, but the grounds were idyllic and peaceful. I felt like I was on a movie set or something.

Spacious and beautiful

Spacious and beautiful

By the time we got back from our walk, it was 5:30pm, and time for me to head home. What a nice day.

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Easter Tie

He is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!

Happy Easter! I got my annual Easter tie at a local artists store when I was in Virginia. The artist used the paint floating on water technique. There were so many patterns and colors to choose from, I had a hard time. I ended up getting a tie that is red and teal because those colors often remind me of Kmart, and I’m trying to see them in other contexts. I also chose a tie that had a less symmetrical pattern. Sometimes I’m a big fan of symmetry, but this time, I wanted something more irregular and “artsy”.

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Friday Report

Yesterday we had a half day of school. It was pretty low-key. A lot of kids weren’t there. We’ve been doing a unit on dramatic literature in class, so this week we’ve been reading Holy Week events from the Bible, then looking at how different screenwriters treated the same source material. Yesterday was ‘Jesus before Pilate’. We also watched the crucifixion and resurrection according to “Godspell”.

After school, I had about six and a half hours before church started. I decided to go home. I ate a lot and slept a lot.

Church was nice. Lots of good music.

I didn’t take a picture of anything yesterday.

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