Yesterday, during their normal flight training exercises, military planes did fly-overs of all the hospitals in Hawaii. They did it to acknowledge the hospital staffs for their work during the pandemic.

The plane that flew over the Maui hospital was a fuel tanker. It came by at about 1:25pm, which is during my students’ independent work time, so I could go outside and see it.

The pictures don’t look like it, but the plane was flying really low. It was loud. It flew past only one time, but it was cool.

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  1. Carol says:

    One could make a remark about the fuel extender dangling at the rear there, but I am a classier person than that (ahem). Instead, I will share how amazed I always am when I see mid-air refueling taking place. Hands of the brain surgeon must be needed to accomplish that via the controls in the cockpit.

    We had several Blue Angel and Thunderbird flyers over B’more recently for the same purpose. Honestly the first time I’d seen them (I don’t “do” air shows) – it was something to witness. I guess when you can’t give the health care workers any time off or let them enjoy any community activity, a fly-over by military planes is as good an acknowledgement of their dedicated work as one can expect…

    Lord, have mercy.

  2. Lauren says:

    How cool! I’m so glad you got to see it, too. Isn’t it odd how cameras – no matter how good they are – can never capture what we really see?

  3. Mark says:

    Here in Missouri, because Whiteman Air Force base is their “home”, we were thrilled by a B-2 Spirit low-observable (stealth) bomber that did this for our hospital and front-line workers. Just one pass, but I felt like I was seeing Batman give a salute when it banked and turned.

    The plane over Maui is a KC-135R Stratotanker. Our former brother-in-law flew those up in Alaska, and took my wife and me on a tour of one. Impressive plane for its age. They are, indeed, loud. He told a funny story about one mission:

    The small jet had just taken on a load of fuel, and disconnected from the boom. The fighter jock maneuvered up alongside the big tanker, and then began doing barrel rolls, and the one large loop-de-loop, returning to the original position.

    “Too bad you boys can’t have fun like I can,” he radioed over.

    “Really? The captiain of the tanker said. “Back off about a half mile and watch.”

    The fighter put some distance between himself and the tanker. For ten minutes nothing happened, so he came back in close and asked, “When are you going to do it?”

    “I already did,” came the reply.

    “You didn’t do anything!” the fighter jock complained.

    “Sure I did. I got up, walked around to stretch my legs, used the bathroom and got a cup of hot coffee. To bad you fighter jocks have to be strapped in one seat for five hours. With no coffee to drink.”

    • Brad says:

      Ha! I love your comment, Mark. Truth be told, I was feeling a little short-changed, because Oahu had fighter jets fly over their hospitals, and to my untrained eye, the tanker plane looked like a commercial jet, which (before the pandemic) were constantly landing here. Now I know how much better the tanker is. Coffee!!

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Fixed Front

I guess I didn’t post about my car accident, because I was worried about legal stuff, but a while ago, I was in an accident and messed up the front of my truck.

Yesterday, I got it fixed! Yay! There is a new bumper and headlights, and a new (used) grill. I forgot to take a before picture, but it was just a big hole in the front. It was pretty ugly. And I was a little worried the hood would just pop up on its own someday.

I was a little unsure of spending money to fix it, but after I got it back, I wasn’t unsure anymore. I am so happy!

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Hook Screws

There is some wood trim kind of defining the kitchen area in my condo. The previous owner had some hooks hanging from that trim… maybe for lights? plants? Whatever it was, I didn’t care for the hooks, so I took them down. But the hooks were screwed onto screws, which were just sticking out of the wood. Dang.

I had no idea how they were put up there, and I didn’t really know how to get them down. I decided to just grab one of them with a pliers and try to unscrew it. It worked!

I took them all down last night. Next step, fill with wood putty and sand. Then I can paint the wood trim. I want to paint it white.

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Smelling Socks

I always used to wear my socks more than once before washing them, but lately, I’ve extended the wearing time. I’m now going a whole week wearing the same socks. I leave them on the floor next to my dresser, and the next morning, I put them on again.

I have inherited a superpower from my Grandpa Hummel. My feet don’t smell like anything. After I’ve worn the same pair of socks for a week, if you’d sniff them, you’d see they smell like laundry. They look kind of dirty on the bottom because of walking around in them, but they smell like Tide and Bounce – even after a week.

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Let There Be Light

My new wall paint makes it a little darker in my condo at night. I like LOTS of light. When I get home, I turn on ALL the lights. So now, because my walls are no longer white, I want more lights.

I went to Target to check out floor lamps. There was a line to get in the door. Here in Maui, the stores count how many people are inside, and they wait for some to leave before letting more in. They also require everyone to wear masks. I thought everyone was doing that, but now I’m hearing some places aren’t. It’s interesting to hear all the different responses.

Anyway, Target had a floor lamp I kind of liked, but not in the right finish, so I didn’t get one. But then I remembered that when I first moved here, Lauren sent me a bunch of housewarming stuff. One of the things was a little lamp. I set it up when I got home.

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