A while back, I put some coleus cuttings in a vase on my table. They have survived! Not only do they still look good, but they have grown roots. Cool! I think maybe I’ll put them in a pot and just grow them there. Then I’ll always have some nice color without having to buy cut flowers.

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  1. Debbie Foelber says:

    I am getting ready to bring in cuttings from my coleus plants. We are supposed to get a hard frost this week. I hope they root so I can plant them outside next year. Do you miss they cold?

  2. Lauren says:

    Cool – perpetual flowers! That is rather remarkable that they can do that. It seems that the cut flower purchase turned out rather well, eh?

  3. Debbie says:

    Exactly! Grow your own! I have some mint that is rooting and i think i’m gonna plant so i have some inside over the winter! Yay indoor plants!

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Punctuation Play

It was an okay day at school. Not much happened. So here’s a funny comic I saw online, and printed out to hang on my classroom wall:

Ha! It’s a Language Arts joke! Perfect!

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Seeking Soft

Last time I was in Target, I looked at the toothbrushes. I always have trouble finding what I like, because I like SOFT bristle brushes… like, super soft. It’s supposed to be better for your tooth enamel. I think I have soft enamel, because I got cavities all the time, and my teeth are all cracked now. So I use soft bristle toothbrushes.

I have always only found what I wanted at Korean grocery stores, but this time, they were in Target. Target! They had “ultra soft” toothbrushes. Yay!

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Sad Day

Yesterday was a sad day. Gus died. Late on Friday night (early Saturday morning), Gus was meowing loudly at my bedroom door. His back legs weren’t working.

I took him to the emergency vet, who told me Gus had a blood clot blocking blood flow to his legs. Treatment would have been painful and would not restore his leg function. Having him put to sleep was the kindest option.

It just all happened so fast. He was just his normal self on Friday, then he was gone. Sad.

I’m doing ok, but I miss him. He was the lovingest cat ever.

Gus’ Superman picture was the last picture I ever took of him, but here is the last candid I have of him. It was just a few days ago:

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Battery Back in Business

Unrelated to my recent accident, my old truck battery died. At first, it could still crank the engine, but very quickly, it completely ran out of juice. I was reduced to jump starting it every time with a portable battery.

I bought a new battery from Costco, because people said it was cheap. I decided I’d switch out the old one myself, because how hard could it be?

The bracket holding the battery down had an old rusty bolt and a nut of indeterminate size. Before I moved, I had an extensive tool collection and could have removed the nut easily. Now, it was a royal pain in the neck.

After three days of tool hunting and visiting stores to get the right size socket (10 mm), I finally got to taking the nut off – and the stinking bolt broke. Instead of all the trouble I went to, I probably could’ve just pried it with a hammer and broke it off. Dang it!

But at least now I have a new battery and I don’t have to jump start it every time.

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