Birthday Brad

Today is my 50th birthday! Woo hoo! It’s so weird! But I have enjoyed getting older. I always recommend it to my students. It’s so interesting, and filled with unexpected surprises!

This was from my party last night.

Yesterday we did some Upcountry things. We started with a drive to the top of Haleakala. There were lots of clouds, so the view at the top was otherworldly. Also, there was snow! Some people made a tiny snowman and did snow angels:

On our way down the mountain, we stopped at the Ocean Vodka distillery. The tour there is so interesting and fun.

Lauren was most excited about meeting Thomas the cat.

In the evening, we had a party at my place. Some coworkers from school were able to stop by. Great company and great fun. We tried out a present Brent sent me in the mail. It’s a game that tests your speed at pushing a button faster than your opponents – if you’re last, you get shocked!

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  1. Lauren says:

    That game!! It is so awful and hilarious. For you readers, I was the first one shocked and the first to swear off the game forever. Other people are brave. 🙂

    Today is your real birthday! Happy honest-to-goodness birthday, Brad! Thanks for sharing your island with us!

  2. Debbie says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRAD! Sounds like you had a shocking good time at your party! We used to have an electric fence around our property, i never knew it could have been entertainment? I got entertained a couple of times…. it was not pretty! How fun to see snow, i know your guests miss it and it made them feel at home. Let the adventures continue! I know you are having so much fun!

  3. Jill says:

    Happy Birthday, Brad! I hope it was the most fun with the best people. Sorry I’m a little late…don’t check the ‘sites on the weekends much.

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Unexpected Answer

My mom told me she had a special activity planned for today, and that I should take a personal day off from work.

After school yesterday, she showed me what she had in mind. Here is what I looked like when I found out:

And here is what the surprise was:

Ha! Samith, Beth, Lloyd, and Lauren came for my birthday. Amazing! I was completely surprised! They have kept the secret for weeks and weeks now! What happy happy fun to see them! I’m so excited!

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Screen Saving

The screen on my lanai door came loose in the wind or something. It was kind of just hanging loosely by a few edges in the frame.

Yesterday after school I stopped at Home Depot for some new spline and for a spline tool. Did you know spline was a word? I think I just typed it for the first three times in my life.

I think I got the screen back in place, and I think it will stay there. We’ll see…

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Delightful Dinner

Last night, my mom and I went to a happy hour for dinner. There’s a place in Kihei that has a second-story deck that looks out toward the west. It’s a pleasant place to be during the sunset.

We had an an inexpensive and delicious meal, and enjoyed the lovely cool breezes of February.

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Back Tape

I strained my back over the weekend, so when I went to my training session yesterday, Cristina just did stretches with me. It really helped – my back felt better at the end.

She then asked if I wanted to try some tape. She knows how to apply that tape you see on athletes that is supposed to help them move better. I thought maybe it was some voodoo or something, but she said really it was just that the tape pulls on your skin and helps your body be more mindful about correct movement.

I had her put some on my back. It was interesting. It felt like I was wearing a back brace, but it wasn’t taking the weight off my back – it was just making me stand straighter. Cool.

By the end of the day, the tape didn’t feel as tight as it did in the morning, but I didn’t take it off. Cristina said I should leave it on on for three or four days.

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