Headboard Help

My mom got some art to hang over her bed like a headboard. Yesterday, Beth and I went to help her get it on the wall.

It had so much packing around it. It was amazing! It was fastened to a board inside a box, inside another box. But we got it out, and we got it hung. Here is the before and after:

Beth took pictures too. Here’s a bonus picture of me drilling the holes for the anchors. I can’t see anything close with my glasses on anymore because they’re so powerful, so I lifted them up to see the wall. Then I got close so I could see better. Then I wrinkled up my face because the drill was blowing dust as I drilled. Ha!

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  1. Lauren says:

    That is a BEAUTIFUL piece! It looks perfect there! She’ll have dreams of a magical forest now. Well done, children!

  2. Deborah says:

    That is so nice! I may have to copy her. What a great idea!

  3. Carol says:

    That is stunning. One thing confuses me, though: it seems as if the wall behind the bed has a white or sheer curtain hung in front of it – was that the case? It doesn’t look like you drilled through fabric, though. Regardless, the end result is beautiful and should doubtless bring hours of calming, peaceful rest.

  4. Debbie says:

    I love it! I also love your drill face! Lol

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Shopping, Sushi, and Sunset

I went to Lincoln again yesterday. This time, it was so I could meet with Samith for some conversation and catch up.

I went a little early so I could do some shopping. I had success! I found a replacement shaving foil for my electric shaver! Woo hoo!

Samith and I had sushi for dinner. It was SO good! I closed my eyes while I ate it. I usually only do that with steak. (Closing my eyes helps me shut out other sensory input so I can focus on the amazing flavors I’m experiencing.)

On the drive home, I got to experience a Nebraska sunset. It was spectacular.

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Sunday Shopping

After online church, we went into Lincoln yesterday. Well, Lauren and I did. Lloyd headed to Missouri for a meeting. I was looking for some food ingredients. Lauren was looking for some fun.

I found my food ingredients almost immediately. It was a little disappointing – I like a good hunt. But then we looked for curtains and couldn’t find any… that was more like it!

It came time for dinner, and Lauren said she wanted pho. We headed to the Vietnamese part of town and found a place. It was delicious. I didn’t get pho though. I got my favorite – vermicelli noodles with pork. Mmm… I forgot to take a picture when it came, but here it is mid-eat:

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Target Practice

Yesterday morning I went with Brent to do some shooting at a farm outside of town.

I was a little nervous to fire a gun. It’s been a little while. I do feel like it’s good to do periodically though. I don’t want to forget what it’s like to shoot.

I did ok with the targets. I think with practice I could tighten up my aim a little.

After shooting, we went to a gun show that was being held in Seward. The guns were interesting, but my favorite vendor was an army surplus guy. He had lots of interesting artifacts. Anna bought a WWI helmet. So cool!

After the show I hung out at Brent’s house a little. It was fun. By the time I got back to Lloyd and Lauren’s, I was ready for a nap.

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Lincoln Times

Yesterday Lauren had the day off, so she only went in to work for a couple hours. Then we went to Lincoln. Yay! First, she had a doctor’s appointment, but then we went looking for stuff. Woo hoo!

Our first stop was a home store. I want to get some new curtains for my living room. I didn’t find curtains, but I was amazed at how big the store was. There was an entire aisle dedicated to decorative balls.

I was also looking for some plants for Lloyd and Lauren’s garden. We went to one of my favorite garden places to visit in Lincoln:

I got a plant from there, and others from Lowe’s and Home Depot. I’m going to have a wonderful time planting them in the coming days.

After getting back to Seward, I headed to Lincoln again to have dinner with my mom and Brent and Sandra. We ate here:

It was a lovely dinner. Good food, good conversation… a wonderful time with family.

What a wonderfully full day! I collapsed into my bed and fell asleep immediately when I got back to Seward.

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