Black Friday Report

I exercise on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Even though yesterday was a day off of school, I still met with my trainer. I’m just very all-or-nothing, so I’m afraid to skip, even on a vacation day.

Since I was already up, I decided to drive to Kahului and check out the Black Friday deals. I went to Walmart first. They had many displays in the aisles. I was just looking, until I saw a bunch of really cheap DVDs. I decided to look through them.

I ended up getting most of the recent DC comics movies. It seems like I should own them. They were only $3 each!

After Walmart, I went to Target, Lowe’s, and Home Depot. Home Depot was by far the most crowded. It was there that I got my “Black Friday is a party” feeling. So fun!

After that, I went to school to finish fixing the handbells. The rest of the day was mostly just relaxing. aahhhh… vacation…

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  1. Debbie says:

    Good for you to still meet with your trainer! I worked out as well on friday! Maybe got rid of a bite or two of pie? A sip or two of wine? Hhmmm every little sweat drop helps! Fun dvds! Glad you got out in it and felt the rush!

  2. Lauren says:

    You are so dedicated with the exercising!

    What a fun event. I wish I enjoyed the crowds more, but I’m too judge-y. I’d walk around slapping stuff out of people’s hands – “You don’t need that.” 😉

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Lemon and Rosemary

I had Thanksgiving dinner with David and Barbara yesterday. They said I could bring a vegetable and dessert.

I got green beans for the vegetable. I wondered if I could make green beans with rosemary, since I have a rather nice rosemary plant on my lanai. I found a recipe! Actually, there are a lot of them. I used THIS one, but with almonds instead of pecans. It was good.

For dessert, I made my mom’s Lemon Pudding. It is so good! Yum! I also bought a pecan pie, just in case. We ate both of course. And there is Lemon Pudding left over. Yay!

I got the lemons at church last Sunday. They’re from someone’s yard!
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Bell Repair

Happy Thanksgiving! Yay!

Yesterday I tried to work on the handbells. All the parts that are designed to wear out have worn out. The replacement parts were surprisingly inexpensive. They were, however, time intensive to get put in place.

I watched Thor Ragnarok while I worked.
I watched Thor Ragnarok while I worked.
The old springs were all so brittle!

I got through two thirds of them before I just had to stop. Whew! It was tedious! I’m going to David and Barbara’s for Thanksgiving, but not until the afternoon. Maybe I’ll have some time this morning.

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Former Favorite

I have recently re-discovered an old treat: mandarin oranges in sugar water. I used to eat these a lot, but somehow forgot about them.

I was getting some for a salad a couple of weeks ago and decided to get some extra cans. They were so good! This past week’s shopping trip I got more. Yum!

The only problem is how expensive they are. Yikes! I think these current cans were $2.40. That’s crazy! But they’re so good…

I keep them in the refrigerator so they’re cold.
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Officially Owned

I got my number. I was just at the office ten days ago! It took less time than I expected. I anticipate using it for my flight to Nebraska in December. We’ll see how it goes…

It came from Virginia.
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