Ring Box

A package came for me yesterday! Yay! Inside was a phone holder for my car (which I don’t think is going to work out), and a box to hold my rings.

For a while now, I’ve been keeping my rings in a sandwich bag. I wanted to get a box or something. I found something I like. It’s a wooden box with rows of padding you can push rings into.

It works great, but doesn’t hold all my rings.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Holy Ring Box, Batman! That looks amazing! The regularity of the display is very pleasing. How much was it? Could you get another one? Do you want me to make one?

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Near my mailbox, there is a bench that is designated for smokers to sit and smoke. Yesterday, there were some weird-looking smokers there:

Ha! Chickens! We used to not have any chickens in our complex. Maybe cats kept them out? Now we seem to have several.

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Companion Pieces

I decided what I would do with the wall in my living room.

I wanted to hang the Wolfram cross for sure, but I didn’t want to also put up all the other things I had. I wanted the wall to have a more simple look.

I decided I would use watercolor paints to make a couple of pieces that had the same colors as the cross. Then I could hang them on either side, and make it look like one larger piece. hanging the frames was painstaking, but I think I finally got them situated correctly.

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Well Begun is… Not Done

I have been thinking and thinking about some cosmetic changes to my kitchen. It seemed like I would never get started.

But now I’ve started! Yay!

I painted the ceiling. I changed it from white to an off white that matches the color of the cabinet doors. In certain light, it doesn’t look much different, but other times of day, it’s quite dramatic. Here are some before and after:

The other changes will be even more dramatic, but I think I have to wait until I get an electrician to come fix the outlet for my microwave, in case there is any cutting into the wall that happens. And the electrician can’t come until my quarantine is over. So… maybe next week? No, next week I’ll be getting back into school mode. Oh dear, am I not going to do any more to my kitchen until next summer?

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Farewell, Ficus

I have had a potted tree by my front door since I moved in to my condo. It was left by the previous owner. It was a nice plant, but it was crowding my door, and it was blocking my access to the wonderfully fragrant plumeria blossoms right by the railing.

I finally found a new home for it, and now my front door area is free and clear.

Look at these awesome flowers! I can smell them every time I enter and exit my home! Mmm…

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