Tenacious Trees

The trees I planted behind my classroom survived my absence! Yay!

Before Christmas, I was watering them daily by filling milk jugs with water. It was tedious, but if I could get them to survive until winter – the rainy season – then they would be fine.

They made it! It rained regularly while I was in Nebraska. The proof is in all the green grass surrounding the trees.

Now I will only have to water them if there is a long dry spell. And I’ll have to make sure the grass doesn’t choke the trees out.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Hooray for survival! It is interesting to think of a full-grown tree and realize that so much could have happened to squash it when it was little – drought, grass, a hungry rabbit, a wayward foot……

    So when is your winter?

  2. Debbie says:

    How exciting to see your hard work working! Go tree! Go brad! It’s great to watch it grow with you!

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Working Well

Happy Epiphany!

Yesterday after church was a work day for me. I actually did well with the time spent. Sometimes I’m distracted and slow-working. Yesterday I was on task and got a lot done. Yay!

My most exciting work was planning. Grading so often sucks away so much time, but yesterday I just planned and planned. I got carried away with my Language Arts plans. It was so fun!

And I’m so ready for today… Nice!

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Mundane and Mysterious

My flight yesterday was pretty uneventful. My pre-check status made security really easy. I had a good seat on the airplane. The turbulence during landing on Maui (there is always turbulence) wasn’t too bad.

When I got home, I just rested. I watched tv, I did a little laundry, and I looked at my mail.

There was a package in the mail that was a mystery to me. It was a Christmas ornament of a hairless cat. It was from someone on Etsy. I have no idea who might’ve sent it:

It came with a bonus key ring.
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Yesterday was a sight-seeing day. We decided to see the Griffith Observatory. It’s a beautiful building, it’s up on a hill, and I recognized it as being in a Charlie’s Angels movie.

The observatory opened at noon, so we spent a little time driving to the ocean to look at the view. We didn’t stop, so I don’t have a picture of the ocean, but I did get a picture of the Trump golf course when we drove by:

The drive to the observatory took more than an hour, and that was even with no traffic. LA is really spread out! We drove past downtown. I kept wondering where that triangle-shaped building was that is in all the movies, but Denis told me that was in San Francisco.

We got to the observatory at 12:10. The internet said that was ten minutes after it opened. ALL the parking was full. The only way to get there was park, then hike a LONG way. We decided not to go. I got a picture as we drove by:

As it turned out, we were right next to LA’s Filipino town. We stopped at a Filipino restaurant and had lunch.

By the time we got back, it was late afternoon. We made a couple of stops for sundries, then went home. I leave this morning for Maui. I hope this flight is smoother than my last…

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LA Day

It was a sleep-in day yesterday. My body clock never quite got used to the Nebraska time zone. I’m still not on Maui time here, but it’s a couple of hours closer.

After an awesome diner breakfast, we went out to return some items at some stores. That also meant doing some shopping. Yay! I like just window shopping, but I did end up buying a shirt.

Part of the mall is outside.

We took a break from shopping to watch Star Wars. It was fun to see again. Plus, I had some Milk Duds. For some reason, all the Milk Duds I’ve had in Maui are stuck together in a sticky mess inside the box. These Milk Duds were separate and non-sticky and delicious!

Before heading home, we stopped for milk, because I love milk. There was a Ross nearby, so we went inside. I saw a shirt that I wanted to buy so badly, but it was the wrong size. Dang.

I would love it for the Hawaiian print alone, but besides that, it has the Icee bear on it! Ha! Awesome!

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