Bent Bumper

Yesterday, Russell helped me with my truck a little. I met him at his workplace, and he attached one end of a chain to a storage container, and wrapped the other end around my bumper. I then backed up. slowly… slowly… and pulled the bumper out a little.

In the process, I discovered that nothing was really holding my grill on. I’m glad it hadn’t blown away while driving down the highway!

My truck seems to be fully functional, but there is a lot of bent this-and-that in the front end. Russell said I could order parts and replace them myself. I may try it. It seems like there are more pressing things for me to spend money on though.

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  1. Lauren says:

    That is so great that you know Russell! He sounds like a man in the know.

    I’m not so sure about repairing everything on your truck. It seems like a beat-up truck would be a deterrent to thieves. I think you could start being a jewel courier and leave stuff in there unlocked. No one would bother it. 😉

  2. Debbie says:

    Yeah, just leave it so you can buy your bathroom accents! You know, it’s like a scar that you’re proud of, an untold story, a mystery to others? And yes, thief deterrent! If it was a high dollar brand new truck it would be a different story. A story people would know… that’s a brand new truck – boring. Keep the mystery and take a door ding free of care!

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Sunday Supper

I hardly ever cook for myself, but Sunday nights seem to be the one night I take time to make something that doesn’t come out of a box or can. I think it’s because I’ve been grading all day and I’m still in “work mode”.

Last night I made tacos. I mean, not very complicated, but still… it was more work than Kraft macaroni and cheese.

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They’re Zany to the Max

Comic con was here again yesterday. It really does seem to be getting bigger and better each year. This year, there seemed to be a particularly large numbers of people in costume. It was awesome. I forgot to wear my Superman shirt, so I felt kind of left out.

I didnt get many costumed people in this picture.
I didnt get many costumed people in this picture.

Last year, I met an artist who worked on Ren and Stimpy. This year, it was The Animaniacs, and Pinky and the Brain. The prints were so inexpensive, I got two. And he signed them! So fun!

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I was in a fender bender yesterday. The other driver is okay, and I’m okay. His car had some small damage to the back. Mine had more significant damage to the front. But both were still driveable.

I’m glad it wasn’t worse that it was, but it’s still upsetting. Dang it.

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Tiny Jumper

Years ago for Christmas Denis gave me a battery you can jump-start your car with. I’ve only ever used it when the power went out – as a flashlight, and to charge my phone.

Then yesterday morning, my truck wouldn’t start. Boy was I glad to have that battery jumper thing!

Something is wrong with my battery, and it’s not charging. My truck runs fine when it’s started, but I had to use that battery again when I left school at the end of the day. I need to get that fixed…

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