Inside… Outside…

Yesterday was very different from Saturday. We didn’t go anywhere in the car.

After church, we watched some tv. Then we went for a walk. Went through the neighborhood a little, then went on a little trail built by a new housing association.

When we got home, we ate, watched tv, then went for another walk. I know, right? We were being so healthy! When we got back from that walk, Lloyd and Lauren did some outside chores while I supervised. Then the lightning bugs came out. Yay! I love lightning bugs!

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  1. Lauren says:

    I’m sorry we didn’t go anywhere to do anything super-fun, but it was a magnificent Sunday. You guys powered through a whole season of a show, there was some exercise, and I got a nap! Perfect score.

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Some Shopping

We went to Lincoln yesterday. I was interested in looking at wall tiles at Menards. I’m doing some stuff in my kitchen and want to do a backsplash. I’ve seen Lowe’s and Home Depot, but there’s no Menards in Maui.

Lloyd and Lauren suggested we also stop at the candy store. I haven’t been there before, so I was excited to see it. I should have been. It’s Nebraska’s largest! The banners said so.

I was glad we had already eaten lunch when we shopped there. Otherwise I would have bought a ton of candy.

In the same town, there’s an Amish furniture store. We went to check it out. There were many beautiful pieces of furniture. If I lived here, I would have been tempted to buy something. They also had a hilariously large chair in front. Ha! I took a picture in it.

The day ended with dinner and tv on the couch. It was a great day!

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Cake Press

I went to dinner with my mom and Caleb and Alicia. When I got home from dinner, I was craving cake. Lauren had a box of cake mix and …a sandwich press?

It actually worked well. Each cake sandwich thing took eight minutes to cook. And if you wanted, you could drop extra stuff into the cake batter and it would bake right inside. We tried all kinds of ingredients, and I ate LOTS of cake.

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A Favorite Find

I hung out with my mom for a while yesterday. She brought out a photo album that my Aunt Bev had assembled. We looked through it together. There was a picture inside that I don’t remember ever seeing before. It has become my new favorite picture of Aunt Bev:

Ha! I love how we both have the same expression. I don’t remember this occasion, but this is at Paul and Linda’s house in Maryland.

I’m definitely printing this and framing it!

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Boot Camp

I went to boot camp with Beth yesterday. I have gone to it before, so it wasn’t intimidating to go this time. This was the first meeting since covid19 canceled everything. We met outside in a parking lot. It was really nice… there was a breeze, the building shaded us from the rising sun, and there was a beautiful morning sky.

I am glad I have an opportunity to exercise. The stay-at-home policy these last three months has really been bad for my health. I’m seriously out of shape, and gaining weight. Ugh. Hopefully I can be consistent with at least a little exercise while I’m here in Nebraska.

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