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First Journal Entry

I have a terrible memory. My friend Lauren has suggested I regularly write down what has happened to me so that I can be reminded. Was it Lauren who suggested that? Maybe it was my sister Beth. I can’t remember…

Today will be my first entry:

I want to replace the cabinets in my kitchen. I’ve been to IKEA and back for three days in a row. I think I know what I want to do, but I’m hitting little snags here and there… the latest snag is some radiator pipes in the corner… how will I put cabinets around them?

Since I couldn’t go any farther without making some decisions, I put it off. Instead, I went outside to mow because the grass was long. SOMEONE STOLE MY MOWER! grrrrr! My ladder was stolen about a month ago. grrrrr!

I’m gonna get a new or used mower this weekend. My lawn looks like a jungle!

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  1. Michele

    Now here it is a year later and that “new” mower is a piece of crap!

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