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Home Again

NOTE: This is another canned post, but I’m leaving it be for now. Uploading pictures to this computer is too difficult, and I don’t want to spend more than 15 minutes. I’ll write a Convention Wrap-up tomorrow.

After a morning worship service, we’re leaving quickly from Hershey. Michele wants to get back to see her son play in a game. I want to get back because I can’t stop thinking about the Xbox game I’ve been addicted to. We should have a nice drive. The leaves are all turned and Pennsylvania is very tree-ish, what with being called “PennSYLVANIA” and all.

Today we’ll have a little free time. Then tomorrow is meetings at school. Then back to school on Thursday. Though we’ll be down in numbers. A two day week was like an invitation for families to take a week-long vacation. I don’t mind so much. Fewer kids means a quieter room. If only there was a way to get them all to take a vacation at the same time…

Not my picture but still pretty, eh?


  1. Lauren

    I think canned Brad is almost as nice as fresh Brad.

  2. Deanne

    I think it’s still fresh Brad–it’s just a canned photo. Next time you can make a Power Point drawing.

  3. Peggy

    Welcome home!

    My guess is the first thing you’ll do is tap a nake … I mean take a nap.

    And I hope you get to take good pictures of the trees … I mean with driving and all …. can’t wait to see all the pictures.

  4. Beth

    Apparently canned posts don’t draw much response…I mean, I’m #4 and it’s already almost 4pm…

  5. Kim

    Well, most of the east coast division of Bradaptationland was in is Hershey, and we are recovering from too much chocolate consumption…and super boring meetings.

    (oops, did I say that last part aloud?)

    • Deanne

      Nope, you just posted it in writing for the world (read “your principal”) to see! But I sure won’t tell her (or him).

  6. Annette

    I’m waiting for the post about the DJ and Dance on Monday night…whooo hooo!

    • Brad

      Are you kidding? 9pm? I’m usually getting ready for bed by then. During the dance I was at our “party room”, where everyone was watching the embarrassingly bad football game. I bet even Harold was bored watching that one.

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