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I went shopping yesterday in order to prepare for my Carnation survey. Since I am supposed to take pictures of my cabinets and refrigerator, I had to get some food to put in them. They’re usually pretty empty. I had a few things specifically on my list. Anything else would be extra.

First I had to go to BJ’s (our local membership warehouse store) to get Carnation. My previous boxes of Carnation aren’t all gone yet, but I wanted the “Carnation shelf” to be full for my pictures. While I was there, I got the giantist box of Pepsi cans I’ve ever seen. 36 in one box!

Next I had to get some cereal. My cereal shelf was not full, and was looking kind of sad. I got Apple Jacks, Golden Crisp, and Raisin Bran. This joined my Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cocoa Puffs to fill the cereal shelf nicely.

I had to go to a different store to get milk. The milk at my local Safeway is Lucerne, and it has been previously established that Lucerne milk goes bad before the date. I went to CVS (a pharmacy) for my milk. It is Lehigh Valley brand. I have been very satisfied with this high-quality milk.

I also needed more flax seed meal. This meant a trip to the tree-hugger grocery store. The one I went to is called Whole Foods. I was glad to be going there, because I needed more floss. I have come to really like Tom’s of Maine Floss. Like their toothpastes, the floss has no artificial sweeteners. I also like its texture. It’s kind of thick, but smashes flat. I have been out of floss for a while, and Tom’s floss is kind of hard to find, so I bought three packages. That should last me for a while!

Waxy, spearminty goodness.


  1. Lauren

    You’re going to post the pictures you take for the Carnation people, right? It’s been a while since we’ve seen inside your kitchen shelves. Ah, the memories…

    How ’bout you mail some of that floss here so you’ll have it when you need it?

  2. Peggy

    I’m taking pictures of my cabinets just the way they are. *sigh* My expose to CIB will surely be pathetic compared to yours. *sigh* Unless maybe I get some help from the master … oh Lauren …..

    I am glad to hear you have 5 boxes of cereal. It makes me feel better about having 11. 🙂

  3. Brad (Lloyd)

    I can’t believe you bought three packs of floss at once. Don’t you know that floss goes bad quicker than milk? (if this posts shows up as being from Brad it is really from Lloyd).

    In other news, I hate it when our school secretary makes announcements like that over the intercom, “Mr. Sommerer, if you are in the building, please call extension 200.” As if there were other instructions if I were not in the building.

    • Peggy

      Dnag it … I wish I had an intercom … sigh

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