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It’s Been a Long Time

I went to a barber yesterday. Actually, it was a salon or whatever. I thought I should go to a fancy place because I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted and I thought maybe the hairdresser person could help. She couldn’t.

I went to a place in White Marsh Mall. I didn’t really know what I was asking for, so I said stuff like “just a trim” and “clean it up” and “make it neat”. When I first sat in her barber chair she asked me how I wore my hair. I was a little confused. I pointed at my head and said, “Like this.” Then she scared me with talk of cutting a lot off. I reiterated my desire just to have my neck shaved and my sideburns trimmed.

She did know who Alton Brown was. She said she watched Food Network all the time. But she said she didn’t notice what his hair looked like. I was scared again because hair is her business, right? My career as a teacher continuously colors my observations of the world. Shouldn’t she always notice peoples’ hair?

In the end, she cut off about a centimeter of hair. I figure that’s a couple weeks of growth, but at least I don’t have a hairy neck any more. She didn’t trim my sideburns much, so they’re going to be crazy-long in another couple of weeks. I don’t think I’ll go back to her then.

Goodbye, weeks of growth.


  1. Lauren

    You look like that little piece of hair is about to release a demon. LET GO OF THE HAIR!!!!!! RUN!!!!!!!

  2. Deborah

    I’ve had trouble finding a hairdresser here that cuts my hair the way I like it. One more disadvantage of moving. For the last couple years my best hair cuts were done in Seward, but it’s hard to wait until July for a hair cut. I finally found one here at Great Cuts of all places. But since you can’t request people there, I’ll never have the same lady again.

  3. Peggy

    hehe … “How do you wear your hair?” hehehe …. LOL

    I think she did a good job! But you could always take a trip to New York each time you need a trim, it’s the in thing to do … Oprah travels to California once a month for a facial … BTW: I think your NY guy told you to ask for “texturizing”.

    • Lloyd

      I thought he said to ask for tenderizing?

  4. Beth

    I think you should have also held up a quarter for scale.

  5. Michele

    Why no picture of your beautiful clean neck?
    It’s only fair to make up for grossing everyone out last week with that unsightly picture of your hairy neck!

    • Karla

      I was thinking the same thing! Thanks Michele!

  6. Carol

    …and was her name Kathleen, and did she constantly tell you how other stylists are jealous of her because she’s so good at what she does? (?!?!) ‘Cuz if so, I don’t go to her any more either and I doubt ANYone should.

    I’m sold now on Charlene (thank you, Michele!) at Studio 7 in my ‘hood. Ask Michele or me…

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