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Grandpa and Grandma

Last night I was looking for some software on my computer desk at home and stumbled across the picture below. I don’t know why it’s on my computer desk. The back of it says: “Pacific Hills Church Omaha – Spring 1992” It’s written in my grandma’s handwriting.

Oddly enough, I remember the moment this picture was taken. I was singing with my college choir at a church in Omaha on Sunday morning. My grandma came to hear it because she was so close by in Arlington. She didn’t particularly care for my haircut.

Later in college, a couple of times when we were bored, we did something weird to our hair. One time we dyed it jet black (I think the color was called ‘Blue Black’). That was me and John. And one time we shaved it all off. That was me and Samith. We let Lloyd and Lauren cut it off as an engagement present. Samith ended up looking like Gandhi. I ended up looking like a grandpa. In fact, when I would whip this picture out later, I would say, “Look! A picture of my grandpa and grandma!”

I only wish I had as much hair now as I had then. But at least I don’t have the giant forehead zits. Oh… wait…

Such a lovely couple.  They've been married for sixty years.


  1. Beth

    I can’t WAIT until you have that haircut again! Please summer, come soon!! 😀

    Oh, and Grandma looks great in that pic – I love it.

  2. Karla

    I thought all 4 of you dyed your hair – or at least 3 (you, John, Lloyd and Sam?). I thought I remembered Lloyd’s hair looking different but not quite being able to put my finger on it and then hearing what you guys had done.

    Later, over Christmas break, John and his mom tried to dye his hair back to blonde. It didn’t work so well and turned burgundy. I remember walking into their kitchen and seeing John from the back with the burgundy hair and thinking he was wearing a stocking hat. Then they cut it all off.

  3. Lauren

    Ah, yes, the hair dye. I believe I jumped on the bandwagon a little late and dyed my hair brown. Whoa, what a big, big noticeable difference.

    Regarding this haircut,I seem to remember this event. Thanks for the present!


  4. Lauren

    How come you look so different in that picture? When you click on your ‘Me’ page, you look right. Your proportions are different in this photo. Is it a giant thrift store jacket?

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