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My Stylist

It figures that right as I’m ending my Time of Long Hair, I find a regular haircut place. I went back to Ken yesterday for another great haircut. It was great because there was no awkward time of me mumbling about Alton Brown. He said “I remember you. You’re the teacher.” I said that I forgot to bring my pictures this time and did he remember what he did because I don’t know how to ask for what I want. He said, “Yes. You just want it shorter and kind of spiky on top.” Is that really all I would’ve had to say all this time? Is that the official stylist’s description of my hair? Dang. I wish I would’ve known that five months ago.

Anyway, Ken said he just recently has been granted the ability to take appointments. I guess you have to earn that or “graduate” to it if you work at Hair Cuttery. He said next time I want a haircut, I should call sometime during the day so I can just walk right in after school and get my hair cut. Then he gave me his card.

So I have a stylist. I feel like a movie star.

A big party, you say? I'll need to consult my stylist.


  1. Lauren

    You have “people”! Have Ken call my people and we’ll do lunch.

  2. Michele

    You spelled “dang” wrong silly!

    So why not a second photo? We want to see the haircut and make sure Ken is all that you say he is.

    Now that I have Ken’s number, maybe I’ll give him a call and let him in on my little plan. Next time you go to get your hair cut, you better watch your back!

    • Carol

      How did you find out Ken also shaves back hair? That is what you meant, right?

      (What an image……ugh!)

  3. Beth

    I’m sure Ken will appreciate that you have now circulated his number all over bradaptationaland…

    Did he just shave your head? Because that’s what I’m waiting for! 😀

  4. Peggy

    Dnag … I hate to see your hippy days end … could you get a guitar & sing a round of “Kumbaya” before you turn back into mall guy?

    Anyway, here’s my suggestion should you decide to get wild again next fall: make sure you keep pictures of you with the do … and just show that to Ken or whoever.

  5. Deanne

    So where’s the picture of your haircut??!?

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